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Hi everybody, hope you’re all doing well. This isn’t really a negative experience (not yet anyway), I’m only after some advice if people will be kind enough to give it.

Here goes. This may happen quite a lot without my knowledge but I won a few ebay auctions last night from the same seller who shall go unnamed. I paid right after my last auction went through and I wake up today to a message from the seller, telling me they tried to refund me part of the delivery fee only to have accidently refunded me the total amount of all the auctions I won. Low and behold the full amount is back in my PayPal account. In these messages they also tell me they will send the cards anyway whilst awaiting my payment through a paypal invoice if they can’t reverse the refund action. Turns out they can’t and I have an invoice sitting in my PayPal as I write out this very boring essay. As we are, ebay are under the impression the seller refunded me my money and the deal did not go through. I feel a little uncomfortable sending hundreds of pounds to somebody who I’ve never met soely on their word that they have sent me the cards. I’m very new to this so I’m unaware if I am covered. My question is, does this happen regularly and is just one of those things or should I be cautious. I should add the seller does have a lot of very good feedback and I have already messaged them and am awaiting the reply.

Thankyou to anybody kind enough to offer their advice.

Sounds he’s trying to avoid eBay fees. Definitely sketchy though. I mean, you’re still protected via PayPal, but I would move on personally.

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Thanks for the input. I’ll do my due diligence

In a totally unprotected situation like this, pay no money until what the seller claims turns out to be either fact or fiction.

Yeah I agree sounds like they’re trying to avoid ebay fees. It’s easy enough for them to make another private listing for you and do it that way. You are protected because invoices fall under g/s so it’s really up to you if you want to go forward. In your position I’d just say thanks but no thanks, but if they’re cards you really want then you are still protected by paypal. Your call.

Thanks everyone. You’ve all helped a lot

Normally when I win multiple items from a seller I always go to checkout And request a total from the seller to reflect combined shipping charges. Then once the seller has updated I then pay. Would recommend doing that in the future. As for this situation I can say that partial refunds though eBay are really funky so he could of genuinely messed up. This guy maybe trying to do something sketchy it’s hard to tell. My best recommendation would be to have to guy treat the first transaction as canceled and then have him relist the cards that you won in a Buy it Now listing for the price and then you can just buy it again. Doing it that way will give you more peice of mind and limit him from doing anything nefarious. Hope that helps!

The invoice route sounds the same as buying off IG or Virbank and using PayPal g&s. Just removes eBay out of the equation. PayPal has the same protections I believe.

You said he already shipped them? If so, just wait till they arrive then pay him.

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  1. Invoices are automatically G&S, so OP doesn’t have the option to pay F&F.

  2. OP says that they won multiple auctions.

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i wouldnt pay direct through paypal, if they are being genuine, have the items relisted on ebay and rebuy them