eBay Attempted Scam Technique

This is the saddest attempt at scamming I’ve seen in a while, but it seems to be a really pervasive technique right now. I’ve received offers just like this one SEVERAL times in the last week from multiple users on multiple items. Trying to put a different number in the details to attempt to confuse the seller is obnoxious. Using an auto-decline figure usually weeds them out, but just seeing them is irritating to me.


I just sold something to this guy last night, he tried to do that at first to me too but I thought it was an accident. For some reason he accepted my counter offer though. Wanted 49 for an item, offered me 4.69, countered with like 43 and he accepted, sketchy ass shit now that you showed me this haha.

I would encourage you to take all protections for yourself when dealing with him and be prepared in the event something goes weird.

Same guy did it to me! He said something like “I’ll knock 20 dollars off the BIN price and I think that’s the fairest price for this item for both of us” on a $500 item. Well, he offered $47.99

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Here is another trying to get away with it. Offered half my asking price and then said they’d give me an offer “very close to what I am asking.” Then they tried this trick on me.


Yea both those accounts are the same guy, declined a new offer from the original guy you showed in the thread, and then this guy you just posted about tried again. Chanseypokemon or whatever his name is, I declined his offer, then K_inc_cards accepted an offer I proposed, but said his paypal info wasn’t linked to this account and wants to use a different account, sure enough the chanseypokemon guy buys the card. I haven’t shipped the item I sold originally, do you think I should contact ebay and request the transaction be cancelled?

Honestly? I would.

He puts $8.49

but on the comment box he makes it look like he’s offering $84.99

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What elam said.

Say that you have an item listed at $100 with offers. They’ll make an offer of $8.49, but in the comments on the offer, they’ll copy/paste the offer form with “84.99” instead. In doing this, they hope you’ll miss the actual offer and just see the comment, which looks like an offer, of 84.99 and accept.

Time to use this trick on @bagoly14 for his super rare japanese cards


This is a whole new level of scumbag. Thanks for the heads up guys!

I laughed out loud about the $4 discount. That should be an ebay comedy skit!

I think the biggest problem at the moment is that ebay is tilted way too much in the buyers favor. I did not stress two years ago as I do now. There is no accountability for buyers, so they do not take auctions seriously.

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You are definitely right, Ebay…and just Paypal in general. Buyers are almost impossible to dispute.

EDIT: Also I did decide to ship the card to him. It wasn’t a lot of money; he paid me what I wanted, so I figured why not see what happens. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

I miss those days as well. I had a member who left me negative feedback for paying customs duties. Luckily it was removed twice. The member then adjusted their comments and I am now stuck with neutral. Here is their username. They have 94% feedback. I normally give the benefit of the doubt, but if negative feedback could be given to buyers, this person would have it with the quickness.

Oh and I checked my auctions after this thread, and look at what I found. B-|

PPL keep trying to scam me on ebay… im done with ebay

I am reading this late, but I just recently learned an ebay rule. It may be new. But it is currently ebay policy, and is fairly new info to me.

You are only supposed to ship to the ebay buyer’s registered address with their linked paypal account.

IF buyer Bob Smith buys a charmander. But says please mail charmander to this address - and the address is for a Jane Doe or an address that is different from their linked paypal account’s verified address – you are not supposed to ship.

JUST an FYI that may also be news to other sellers out there.

It’s been that way for a very long time. They’re trying to prevent fraud from someone using another persons paypal acct.