eBay question

I’ve sold a Masaki Gengar and I have two more, so I relisted it.
Now it said under the sold item “Note: this item has been relisted”.
Is it normal to relist if you want to sell another one of the same item?
I figured it would be easier than making the whole advertisement all over again.
It probably can be a little confusing for the buyer if he sees that it’s been relisted, so I messaged him about it.
I know there’s the option to put a quantity when listing, but I didn’t want to show people I had more than one.
So, any advice? :blush:

Also, is it very risky to send items without track & trace?
Normal shipping to U.S. is about $5 for me, with track and trace, it’s more like $25.
For a single item, this is kind of a lot, so both buyer and me would prefer normal shipping.
How strong is my position if they claim to have never received the item?

If you can prove it was delivered and the customer says it hasnt been recieved even if it was 99% of the time in that situation you will lose the case.

So basically the buyer can always screw you over…? :confused:

Pretty much if you dont have a tracking number.

The difference is about $15, if I require buyers to pay that, I probably won’t sell a thing, gaaahh… :slightly_frowning_face:

Relisting a sold item is a normal occurrence. Feel free to do so. It saves you time from having to make a whole new listing, so that’s why Ebay allows you to do it. Most of the time the buyer won’t even notice the card was relisted, and if they do, they won’t think anything of it as long as your transaction is going smoothly. And if they do inquire about it, just tell them you have multiple :stuck_out_tongue:

If I relist the item because I have a duplicate I usually just drop them a message and tell them what’s up. that way there’s no need to worry. Relist when possible, it saves time!

But do buyers often pretend that they didn’t receive their item?
Should I take the risk and use shipping without Track & Trace?

What’s a small item in your opinion?
Most of my items are prices at $50+, the least I have is $40.
I don’t want to get scammed over $50, but $20 for tracking makes it less attractive.
For now I’ve done the following, maintain high ‘BIN or best offer’ and $10 shipping instead of $20, so I’m actually paying $10 myself.
Also, $5 for each additional item instead of $10, which is good for both buyer and seller.
Would you say this is a good or a bad idea? I’m trying to make my items as attractive as possible, while getting a nice amount of money at the same time, really hard! :stuck_out_tongue:

Try emailing Ebay and see what they suggest.

I’ve already looked around on eBay and Paypal and both advice to protect yourself against crap by using Track & Trace.
They don’t mention using normal shipping which makes sense, otherwise people might get pissed of at them instead of a scamming buyer.

I wouldn’t spend the money on a tracking number unless the item was above $200.00 in value, you have to set your own guidelines. The money you lose in sales if you put tracking on everything is astronomical since you’re international like myself and most buyers are in the States.

I agree. You need to find the minimum value that requires tracking, and stick with that. i.e. Anything under x value does not get tracking, and anything over x value gets it

You should always make sure to include in your item descriptions that tracking is available upon buyer’s request for items that it does not come standard on.

And also state that tracking is mandatory on items of a certain value, that way you’ll save yourself from buyer scammers (they are few and far between anyways so I wouldn’t worry too much).

Hmm, I’m not sure where to draw the line.
I have some stuff in the $100-200 range, and I’d go crazy if someone scams me out of $150.
My feedback is 100% and I would like to keep it that way, so I’m being kinda paranoid about all this… :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, I’ve visualized it, what would I do if a buyer claims to not have received his item?
If he’s trying to scam me, of course I’m not gonna give him his money back.
But then he will get eBay and/or Paypal on his side and I can’t tell him to prove he hasn’t received it. (Well, he could make a picture of air…)
So then eBay will be on their side and I’ll be out of my item and my money.
Seeing as how it’s so easy for a buyer to screw a seller over, I’d imagine it happens quite often.

EDIT: Yeah, I’ll do what you guys say, maybe above $100 tracking mandatory.
My description was already pretty clear as it is, but I just weighed the costs of getting scammed vs. the cost of paying half of the tracking myself.
Getting scammed is already ‘cheaper’ if I get a ‘scam ratio’ of between 1:5 and 1:10.

I’ve never been scammed (knock on wood!) and I’ve shipped dozens of items ranging from $300-$600 all over the world without a tracking number. Call me reckless but I put my trust in the good faith of others and I’ll make more money that way. Plus Canadian shipping is the worst! If I ship it the $4 option it gets there in a week or two, if I got the $8 option it gets there in a month! Worst of all if I want a tracking number it’s $35 to the US minimum and to the rest of the world it costs even more. It’s really a disaster

I know how you feel, but I’ve recently started selling, so I’m probably just a bit paranoid because of that.
A few good experiences and I’ll probably get reckless like you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel bad for everyone shipping worldwide that isn’t in the US D:
I get to ship internationally with a tracking number for not even double to cost of normal US shipping :confused:

Yeah I’ve heard :\