eBay issue, any advice?


I sold a set of cards in Mid-March and I shipped the cards out internationally (no tracking to help save buyer money on shipping). The buyer just messaged me

“hi mate, i have just come home from university after not being home since end of march and the cards still haven’t come. Do you have a tracking number at all”

The seller hasn’t been home for the last month, so either he’s lying or the package is at the post office or stolen.

I have the receipt with the customs form # still. Anybody know in the UK know if there’s a way to track a US customs form? Also, any have any advice on how to deal with this? I don’t want to lose my $80 :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks in advance!


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Whats the custom number?

Hey, it’s LC142542155US. On USPS.com, it says it’s in transit.

Losses can be calculated into the cost of doing business.
If you don’t sell enough to warrant that system then it’s best to charge your trader for actual, trackable shipping.

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You should definitely contact USPS as that is an actual tracking number and if it where to have arrived in the UK that number gets transferred to the Royal Mail tracking system which iv just checked and nothing comes up. Did you have any insurance on the package? If you did you might be able to get some money back that way.

That sucks mate sorry to hear that, tracking should never be an option as it will save you from a lot of headaches.

I know that shipping without tracking is risky, but I’ve always offered non-tracking ($12 cheaper) to my international customers. This is the first time this has happened and it looks like I’ll be switching to the eBay global shipping program. Goodbye international customers…

Do you print your labels through ebay? If so, there should be the option for first class with delivery confirmation. As of this year, they have been very consistent in updating tracking when the item is delivered. Judging by the tracking you posted, it looks like the customs form that does not have Delcon.

Here is the list of the countries that feature the delcon service. The delcon really does the job in situations like yours.

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Hey, I never followed up on this. I told the buyer that I would do some digging to see if it ever made it to his address. I confirmed that the package did in fact leave the US international port through USPS, but nothing after that. I message that guy about my findings and asked him if it’s possible it was stolen or still at the post office since he was away for a month. The status of the case went to “waiting for buyer’s response”. He never ever responded, so the case was dropped and I got to keep my money. I now use the Delcon service as smpratte suggested. I used to be completely old school and do all my shipping at the post office. Now I’m doing all my labels online. Only problem is I don’t have a printer so I have to print them at work and then tape them to the packages at work since I usually drop them off during my lunch break. My coworkers think I’m crazy because I’m always packaging shit at my desk. Anyways, good ending to my issue.


I videotape myself posting the item, as proof that I have shipped the item. Purchases over 50 I just go for tracking, because the loss would be to big.

The only problem with videotaping is, you legit need to videotape from when you package the parcel to when you ship the item. Reason being: They could say: You filled that box with rocks, not cards. Etc.

Sounds like he is a chancer trying to get the cards for free,happy to hear the case is closed.This just happened to me for a £25($40)order and I knew he was trying to steal the cards becuase he was a bad ebayer from the start.He said the cards had not arived and I told him I did not believe him,get a message the next day saying the cards had arived lol(only have a loss/theft loss of 1.5% of total sales so far so quite happy with that:)