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The “sitting chu” origami is a new one for me. lol. The feet.

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I’ve bought from this seller before and saved the Pika origami.


Not sure where to put this, but “do not bid if you’re broke like me” gave me a good chuckle. I hope that the seller gets the money that they need.


There have been lots of posts in the ebay garbage threat recently so I just wanted to show that some ebay sellers are great and deserve some appreciation.

I recently bought a graded card for my wife (1st Ed Wigglytuff from jungle). Nothing crazy. It was a fair price so I hit buy now without much thought. Almost immediately I received a message saying that the card was on its way, however there is a tiny speck of dirt (visible in the listing) between the case and the card (on the case, not the card) and if that was a problem they would issue a full refund. It was so hard to notice and I planned to crack it for her anyway so said not to worry about it. They then send several photos showing the area in question in detail so that I could be sure I was happy anyway.

The card arrived yesterday so I thought I would post. It was packaged beautifully well even though it is not a hugely expensive card and they even threw in a couple of bonus cards as a thank you.

Great seller. Fast, professional, amazing communication and checked in several times to ensure I had up to date tracking information.

Seller is sic_5646 if anyone is interested. Not a huge seller but that just impressed me more and they want to start something bigger. Good luck to them and if they continue with that level of service I will keep praising them.


Thanks for sharing! Great experience indeed, and thank you for promoting the positivity here. :grin:




Only $30 for me. What a huge savings. How could I pass this up?!

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Very happy to see this thread continues to get regular posts because there is a lot to like about selling, and great sellers who go the extra mile. Like Tenryu Collector, who sent me a fun origamichu and did a great job of packaging. One of my favorite JP sellers lately.


I also bought some VS cards in the past from this seller and was pretty happy as well with the transactions. Great seller.

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