eBay Feedback. A COMPLETE LIE!

Ugh…I’m pretty angry right now.

I’ve been selling extra Dragons Exalted packs from AUTHENTIC booster boxes (which I opened myself and have opened packs from myself) on my eBay account.

I got a NEGATIVE feedback today from someone who claimed that the cards were fake. THERE IS NO F-ING WAY. I’ve opened packs from the SAME boxes myself and they’re 100% real.

What do I do? I sent the buyer a message, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to take this up with eBay.

This is ridiculous. They didn’t even send me a message, just left the feedback. The cards were delivered back on September 10th and they JUST NOW decided to leave me feedback.

I’m so pissed. Now other people who view my profile are going to think I sell fake cards!!! AHHH!!!

The easiest thing to do is to be nice to the buyer and ask for him/her to change the feedback.
A second option would be to offer a refund if he returns the cards.
Anyways, the buyer is a total douchebag, probably had bad pulls…

sometimes asking them to change their feedback is like telling a dog to play jumprope the chance of them even changing the feedback or even trying to contact them after it is a very very slim chance.i had a buyer who left feedback cause he didnt receive the cards i sold to him.wanted to reason if he would like his money back or something else but never replied so i got annoyed and jsut let it be.the buyer is a total ass for doing that but probably though u weight the packs since they got nothing good out of it.