eBay customer service overkill!

Bought an item on eBay, never arrived. All I did was request a refund, no frustration or anything. Don’t get me wrong, it is excellent to see positive customer service nowadays, but this was a slightly over the top response in terms of length :blush: . Pretty funny, and doesn’t even look like a copy and paste job.

Hello Joe ,

My name is __________. from eBay Customer Service. I am the person who can definitely help you regarding the Item not received case you opened for item ________) that you purchased from “_________” . I know that it’s frustrating to pay for an item and not receive it, and we always want our members to have positive shopping experiences on eBay. Thank you for letting eBay to step in and with this it ,it’s my honour to take care of you with your concern today. Of course, I am more than happy to look this matter for you.

I acknowledge the fact that you’ve been working so much with your seller by trying to reach them out through messages, but hopeless to say that your seller was very unhelpful. I commend you Joe , for what you’ve done. I would feel the same, if I were on your own shoe, when you promptly paid for the item, also it is very frustrating to know when they don’t do their job as a seller by rectifying the issue to the fullest satisfaction of their buyers like you, who spent time and money, but they cannot provide valid tracking reference that shows the updated results of the post, no item had arrived, and the worst of all, no refund.

I know it is not about the money or refund that you are concerned about, but the restitution to your effort, for the protection of your right as buyer and as an individual, for your energy and for your precious time that was unseeded. It is very unfair to keep you still waiting for this unresponsive seller.

I am here to help you, nothing to worry, as you do not deserve to waste your time any more .I take issues like this seriously. Please be aware that we do not tolerate this kind of seller. I am committed to have this case resolved now.

Joe , You are a valued member to me and I would like you to be aware that when the case was filed in the Resolution Centre, a report was being raised against the seller for their poor performance. I need you to stop worrying since I am here to help you with this case.

I already made a final decision, which will make you glad about it. I appreciate the opportunity to have helped you with this information and trust that it resolves your concern to your satisfaction. I’ve decided the case in your favour. You will receive a full refund within 1-2 hours to the PayPal account you used to purchase the item.

In some cases we’re aware that this may take a few days but rest assured you will receive an automatic email from PayPal to notify you that funds have been received.

Also, we strongly recommend you to leave a feedback to your seller, because this may prompt them to take necessary actions on your concern. By leaving appropriate Feedback and Detailed Seller Ratings, you are not only presenting your experience to other members but also showing the seller where they can improve their business and alerting us of the seller’s behaviour.

Lastly, to make sure your transactions go smoothly in the future, we suggest you visit the eBay site and click the Safety Centre link located at the bottom of any page. There you will find tips on how to buy safely in the “Buying Safely” section.


Also, knowing your seller before buying their item is also one good thing to consider. Following the link below will explain this in full detail:


I know that you really need the item, but I hope you understand that as an online site, we serve as platform for buyers and sellers, and we do not have the item on hand. It is for this reason that if you do not receive the item, what we do on our end is issue you a refund. Rest assured that your complaint has been noted and this transaction will be taken against your seller.

Joe , I am truly delightful and took pride to have assisted you today by closing the case in your favour. Let me re-assure you that this case is now resolved as the refund for this transaction is now on its way back to your account.

I trust and confident that this information is helpful and I wish you all the best in eBay in the future. I am very glad that I was given the chance to show my genuine interest in resolving your case today, providing you the relevant information about this case and what happened, communicated to you clearly , even provided you the most helpful future transaction that, in the event that you may encounter the same scenario you can prevent them and eliminate the problem as I have provided you links to follow on how to less the chance to have the same situation. Please know that as always, our aim is to assist you in the most efficient and professional manner.

You have a wonderful One! Cheers!

Kind regards,

_______ ______
eBay Customer Service


Mother of god…

This is what happens when you copy and paste all of the generic replies and remix it into one…



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hahaha this guy wants to earn his wages!

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it’s like he’s trying to write a high school essay. gotta hit that word count minimum


This is fantastic. It’s like a parody.

The guys boss was definitely hovering around, had to make himself look busy

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That reply sounds like Pokesyn haha…


Hilarious reply to be fair, which softened this from being a ‘sour grapes’ post. Second time this eBay seller has done this to me. Last time it was a PSA 10 pop1 Chinese base set card…never turned up. He claims it was returned to him. Though he refunded me, he wouldn’t let me buy it again at the same price, and instead he listed it again at a MUCH higher price than I bought it for.

Every package I have bought from other abroad arrive, except from this seller. If he lists this item again at a higher price, that’s the nail in the coffin. Not that I can give feedback, as the listing disappeared from ebay after I was refunded…was that his doing?

The fact it’s a ready happened should have been a red flag man, some people are that greedy that once an item sells, if it’s too quick from when they listed, will gladly cancel or not send just because they then think they have undervalued the item. Sucks but it’s the sad truth. I’ve been buying on ebay and the like for around 1.5 years now and I’ve never had anything not come so whenever I am told my item didn’t arrive I just assume I’m being robbed if its not tracked.

Wow that looks like page taken from the Amazon customer service book!

Yeah it’s just that he’s a highly rated seller, and seems to be held in high standing amongst the community. Hence me not releasing his name here.