ebay alternatives?

I have used ebay for approximately 20 years. Through that I have learnt to deal with the changes and fees and while some have been a pain initially, unfortunately we are forced to comply. Well with the recent “updates” to accounts I am not willing to comply therefore my account is now rendered useless. In addition the proposed 1099 for $600 or more in sales becoming mandatory in 2022 I’m searching for alternatives.I dont use social media, so Instagram, facebook and the like are out.
What other online places compare to ebay? I know they have a stranglehold on the auction market but besides social media or places like PWCC I cant find anything reasonably comparable (maybe there just isn’t) but that why I’m asking the question.
This is mainly for a handful of larger collection items quite a few years into he future where my daughter and I have collated a small nest egg for when she say, needs to put a down payment on a house. I’m not looking to sell and don’t mean for this to portray a selling thread (because its not allowed) but for example we have full XY Base through Evolutions master sets.
FYI, there is no rush to pass anything along as it would be preferred to find the right person at the right price.

At this point in time I would just look to go to my LGS whom I have a really good relationship with but just trying to keep up with the times online.

There’s nothing comparable to eBay. The closest you’ll get (in terms of pricing and selection) is TCGPlayer. Or buylist it. But for selling complete sets for market price, just go with eBay.

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did you actually read my post?

You´re basically looking for a place online where you can easily do private deals, that would be Instagram (and to a lesser extent FB). Not sure why you don´t want to use it but you´re limiting yourself extremely.

You´d either have to part out these collections and sell cards individually (cardmarket, tcgplayer etc) or use some selling page like mercari, that comes with a great price though as you miss out on a lot of potential reach as there are so many more people scouring the bigger sites than these small ones.


I don’t like social media and do understand the limitation hence the reason for simply seeing if there is alternatives I might just not know about.

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Fair enough. Unless you got (very) high value items that you can consign to auction houses like heritage/goldin etc., ebay is bar none the best platform, second being IG imo. You just lose a lot of potential customers if you go other routes, that doesn´t mean you can´t get top dollar elsewhere but it will need more time and patience.


It sounds like you just want ebay without taxes lmao


Did you read mine? You’re trying to find a suitable alternation where there isn’t any. So I’ll reiterate: just go with eBay.

Trust me: if there was a better option, I (and everyone else) would be using it. eBay isn’t perfect, but it’s where all the action is.


Yard sale, LGS, Pawn shop.

You’ll have the option to not report, and so have no losses to taxes so you’ll get to keep the entire 10-50% of what you’d net selling on eBay.


The $600 reporting thresh-hold will affect all 3rd party payment processors, not just eBay afaik. That means selling through TcgPlayer, Mercari, Paypal, etc. will all trigger a 1099-k for more than $600. It sounds like these are the types of alternatives you are looking for; however they don’t really differ from ebay in regards to seller protection and tax requirements. If anything, you would probably get less selling through these platforms than ebay. I think this is why people are saying just stick with eBay. They are the most popular C2C marketplace for a reason.

References for Tax Reporting

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It’s fine to not like social media and just create an account exclusively for buying / selling. FB / IG are the best alternatives for what you’re looking for, and are way better non-social websites like craigslist.

I won’t be selling on anything besides Facebook, Reddit or IG once the 1099 kicks in. When massive corporations start paying a fair tax rate, I might reevaluate. Reddit.com/r/pkmntcgtrades is a thriving community that I would recommend checking out.


There were a dozen reasons to avoid eBay before. Now there’s a dozen an one.

@credits, IG offered on your page, paid by bank wire, is secure. If a large amount then use a middleman. This works every time.


I said explicitly that i didnt want to use ebay.you said to use ebay.then you replied with a snide remark reiterating your intellect.
stop filling the forum with redundant bs.if you dont have a reasonable answer, dont reply at all.
Look at the other replies you might learn something.

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ive got what i need, thanks for most of your replies!
please close this thread.