Consigning Pokemon Cards/Favorite Selling Platform

Aloha E4!
Has anyone had any luck consigning Pokemon cards other then PWCC? What is your go to platform to sell Pokemon Cards? I know Ebay is the most popular as everyone knows they **** you on fees and honestly, as a seller you don’t really have any protection. I am not trying to turn this into a roast thread lol but feel free to express your opinion. I can attest that same expression towards Paypal :face_with_spiral_eyes: !

eBay is like women. You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them😜


If you’re looking for the best platform for buying / selling; eBay really is your best solution (as much as you may not like to hear that)! There really isn’t a better option. Sure, you’ve got FB and IG, but you’re not going to get the same exposure through those platforms. Plus, you’re generally dealing with a more “immature” audience through those platforms (not trying to offend anyone on here who deals through FB / IG - hopefully you know the type of people I’m referring too).

The fees associated with selling on eBay aren’t unreasonable when you view the big-picture. You’re paying something like 15% between eBay and PayPal to gain access to a world-wide market. And that’s really your only overhead! You don’t have to worry about any of the other costs associated with running a “retail” business - looking at this from a business perspective. There’s a local Auction-House a few towns over from me and they charge anywhere from 10% to 25% based-off the final selling-price - and that’s a much smaller market that what’s available on eBay.

And Finally, all of these horror-stories about eBay siding with the buyer and screwing the seller. Does it happen? Yes. Can it be avoided? Probabaly. I’ve been buying / selling on eBay since ‘09 and I’ve never had a situation where I lost-out to a scammer or someone like that. You just don’t hear about the thousands upon thousands of smooth transactions that occur; only those few sour transactions that occur once in a blue-moon.


True, kind of reminds me of the news lol. Show mostly bad and a few good one’s here and there!

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I was thinking of the same thing lol :wink:

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