Alternative(s) To Ebay?

Anyone know of a platform that is like eBay, but not eBay?

I tried eCrater, but it is pretty meh.

Instagram is rough because it takes a long time to build up followers, especially if you are selling less desirable items.

Reddit is fine, but requires a lot more active work than listing and waiting.

Anyone have a decent comprehensive list of solid places to sell online? (Yes, I have google searched, but I like hearing from the experts)

ebay is #1 for a reason


Selling locally is pretty good. You can sell the card a bit cheaper than market price because no fees or shipping or anything so the buyer pays less and you get more. I try to sell locally on craigslist’s or offer up when I want to sell.

nobody on ig is willing to pay market price even after ebay fees you make more

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I’ve done this a bit with LetGo and OfferUp, haven’t used craigslist in years, but might give that a try.

I feel like visibility is one of the major issues when selling. Choosing an obscure platform only makes the process tougher generally. Occasionally you might take advantage of well known Facebook groups or Instagram if you have a good following base. Ultimately however nothing gets the job done consistently like eBay.

I have found some good deals on Mercari