E4 Secret Santa

I’m quite new here so excuse my ignorance, but has E4 ever done a secret santa over Christmas?

I think it would be a pretty cool idea between members with a spending limit.

Yup, you can see the topics pinned at the top of this subforum

My bad, mods feel free to delete or lock this thread

Every year:)

What month does it start? November or December I assume? I’m looking forward to participating this year!

The E4 Secret Santa announcement thread and Secret Santa result threads for 2017 are both still stickied in the General Boards tab if you are curious. The other years can be find pretty easily with the title search function as well.

I’ve participated two years thus far. For any new members, or members who never participated before: all the rules of 2017 can be find in this post right here, and this year will probably be pretty similar: www.elitefourum.com/t/e4-secret-santa-2017/18324/1

In general, you get a name assigned of someone who also entered, with a list of their favorite Pokémon and general collection interests. Then you’ll buy any gifts for that person. And the most important part: You create a drawing to send with it (this is mandatory, no matter how bad you are at drawing/painting. :grin: ).

I personally really enjoyed the last two times, and will certainly enter again this and in upcoming years. And although I hadn’t drawn since I was a kid, I didn’t do too shabby if I say so myself:

[SPOILER: Click to show](javascript:void(0):wink:Click here to see the drawings

PS: It feels odd talking about Christmas when it’s 35 degrees outside… :confused: (Although I guess that’s normal for people from Oceania.)


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For 2017 the announcement post was made October 22nd.


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FYI some London, UK department stores have just this week set up their Christmas stalls. I find that crazy! But we are only 18.5 weeks or so until Christmas day!

People are nuts. lol I have friends already planning for their Halloween costume and party.

I’m excited to participate. I normally don’t get much for christmas, usually I’m the giver and not the receiver. That doesn’t sound right. Anyways it would be nice to get something and the drawing part is probably my favorite part.



I haven’t drawn in roughly 13 years so this could be interesting!

I’m really looking forward to this year’s secret santa. I’m pretty new here, but I reviewed the 2017 thread and it seems like a lot of fun. Being able to send and receive Pokemon related gifts from people who collect and understand Pokemon cards will be a big step up my my families attempts :open_mouth: . The drawing aspect should be quite interesting too.

time to bust out the colouring pencils and get some practise in boys

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Quit showing off brother;)
I think I get the reward for “worst artist”.

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Just had a good read through the Secret Santa pictures thread from last year and wow, some of the people here are such kind-hearted and wonderful human beings. So very wholesome.

Really eager to sign up myself this year, I’d regret not being a part of something as heartwarming as this.


If we start too early, half the people get their gifts months before Christmas and half the Santa’s completely forget and ship super late. So we have to boot it up when Christmas is topical. Haha

Slight bump, I know, but I was going through Christmas threads collecting some data for this year. :stuck_out_tongue:


Last year was my first time participating and it was the best.

I always get gifts from family and friends that I never end up using, but my SS from here got me items that I absolutely loved . Almost like reading my mind!


Last year I didn’t have the post count to enter. I can’t wait to enter this year though, I think it will be a lot of fun.

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I’ve been lurking here for a few months now, and have been collecting for around a year. This forum and members of the collecting community have been a wonderful resource and any interactions are always a positive experience! Now I just need to bump up these rookie post numbers so I can give back!

Also check out @smpratte’s YouTube Channel!
( @garyis2000 told me to say that I swear)