D's Collection (14 Jan 2023)

Hi everyone, I’m D and I am hoping to create a small thread to document my collection journey. I got into collecting sometime last year after rediscovering my old stack of Japanese XY stack of cards bought during a family trip to Japan 10 years ago. Just hoping to share some of the cards I like/collect and hopefully make some friends here along the way.

First sharing my Touch Generation Change promo pair. I felt that the artwork is very significant and it really reflects how Pokemon has come a long way. I love the transition from old to new back as well and the interaction of the artwork. Sequential PSA numbers is also a plus.


Battle Festa Promos

I also managed to get this Festa Pikachu a while back and this was probably the card that has now sucked me into Japanese promos. I cannot get enough of the sparkly holo and the artwork looks like it came out of an oil painting. I hope to get the Mew someday after prioritizing bigger grails.

Legendary Present Campaign

Slowly working toward the completed LP set as well…

Neo File Cards

Picked up both the Espeon and Umbreon cards because I love the artwork so much and I just love old back Japanese cards - whenever I look at these I can hear the Ruins of Alph music play in my head. So much nostalgia! :smiling_face_with_tear:

All Night Party

The black and gold theme hits me very hard in this one!

Palace Book XY-P

I think this card is best seen in sunlight - the foil really shines and at the right angle the “Goods” at the top right hand corner will turn light blue. It’s quite beautiful in a subtle way.

Battle Boost Gold Cards

I am absolutely thrilled to see these cards in person. The way the cards are textured and shine in the light is so amazing and it just makes me extremely happy. I would not have found out about these cards if not for @chok who posted these on Instagram. Really grateful for the amount of information made available by e4 and experienced collectors as I continue my collecting journey.


Japanese promos are such an enticing assortment. I have this problem where I try to “stay in my lane” on Japanese promos and finish my Gen I+II collection before taking on anything else but then exclusive cards further down the timeline catch my eye and I have to turn to stone to keep from exploring them.

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Those Touch Generation promos are awesome!


Yes!! Too many beautiful Japanese promos :smiling_face_with_tear: and Pokemon just keeps releasing wonderful artwork time after time. I think “staying on lane” is actually a good thing too so I don’t over-extend myself goals-wise and financially too!

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It’s a small, but gorgeous and exciting collection. Great cards, and best wishes for your collecting journey!

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Wow, awesome showcase. Japanese promo cards are always fun and exciting to see. You have some really cool cards. Looking forward to seeing more of your promo collection and also take a bit of inspiration from the same. Thanks for sharing.


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