Dragontype Wants or call me Tash if you like!

Hey Guys I’m interested in trading for the following cards:

English Plasma Storm Charizard 136/135 PSA 10
English EX Dragon Dragonite 90/97 PSA 10
English EX Dragon Frontiers Dragonite 91/101 PSA 10

The Following cards I have on offer for negotiation

English Roaring Skies Rayquaza 104/108 PSA 10
English Roaring Skies Mega Rayquaza 105/108 PSA 10
English Roaring Skies Mega Latios 102/108 PSA 10
English EX Unseen Forces Suicune Gold Star 115/115 PSA 10
English EX Dragon Frontiers Charizard Gold Star 100/101 PSA 10 (This card is reserved for mainly the Plasma Storm Charizard)

I have done trades with the following members if you need a reference:

I am an Australian collector located in Brisbane, Queensland

What do you say guys? Helpeth Thy Brotha Out?


I saw that Ian Loh dude post on FB and had a Plasma 10 zard he was selling his cards off to fund Christmas presents for his 3 girlfriends I think LOL

Wow some people live the life indeed. However that said I would much prefer to deal with another Collector, preferably from the UPCCC thanks for the heads up though.

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Ian Loh is the kind of person no one should ever deal with.

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why is this?

@hisoka107 I accused him of scamming a few months ago and brought it here to the UPCCC. I thought he was a threat but however he came forward and the problem was resolved between him and the other parties involved. He isn’t a scammer though but I still would prefer to deal with someone else.

There is more to that story @dragontype.

The story he used to cover his arse when he was accused of scamming just doesn’t add up. I’ve called him on it many times, but he won’t answer.

His “girlfriend” is apparently very against him spending his parents money on cards. In fact the story he tells is that she was trying to force him to sell all of his cards.

So when he blamed his girlfriend as the reason for why the deal took a nasty turn, I knew he was full of shit.

He runs a PSA grading service, where people were sending duplicate cards (I.e. He would send a FA Charizard EX, and multiple other people would send the same card) and funnily enough, all of “his” cards came back with the highest grades. Out of all the cards submitted, only he got 10’s.

He held an auction on one of the Australian Facebook pages, auctioning of (initially) around 9 PSA cards in a bundle. He set the reserve ridiculously low and every $20-50 he would add in a bonus card. The auction reached around $450 ish and was sitting at around 20 graded cards. Then he decided he wasn’t getting enough, as the auction obviously slows so he starts taking things away, raising the reserve, making the auction across multiple pages and then finally listing all the cards from the auction as individual cards on eBay. In the end the auction was destroyed and it all descended into chaos. He handled it like a total jerk.

He decided to list several of his cards through eBay. One of his cards, a PSA 10 shining Raichu sold at auction for $83AU. It actually sold to a good collecting buddy of mine, and a member of this page. Immediately after the auction needed, he cancelled the order, and sent Brock a message saying that he “lost the card”. Then, it comes up for sale on Facebook, exact same card. When Ian was questioned about it, h said he cancelled it because it didn’t make him enough money.

Ian recently moved back to Malaysia, whilst in the middle of doing a few deals. None of the people he did deals with (that I know about) knew he was moving back to Malaysia and hence that their postage would be international. A lot of people deal on Facebook so they don’t have to deal with international deals.

Ian was caught multiple times vastly over charging for postage. $6.60 for a card posted in an envelope within Australia (current cost $0.70).

There are more stories, these are just the ones that come to mind…

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Can you pm on what I should pay for for shipping so I can stop charging 14.28usd for international ship on cards and stuff lol. And 0.70 cents sounds awesome, how long is that letter and what shipping option is that? XD

@ozenigma Wow well i can strongly say now that I will not be doing business with that person and warn others not too as well!

I think you missed the part where I said a letter within Australia. The stamp cost $0.70.


I’m worried about this guy because someone else won his psa 10 Mew Holon Phantoms card for cheap and I offered then several times that price. I messaged Jameskray who is on here as well as email. I was waiting for it to reach him before shipping it to me. I got a card from ludkins collectibles sevral days ago. Since Lo is involved in part of the deal I’m concerned that I might not get it. It sold very cheap on Facebook.

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I would be very cautious dealing with him. I wouldn’t buy anything off him.

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Doesn’t sound good. I think four star posted about a grader in Australia who ripped people off… Not sure if it was this guy.

Off by miles mate. Female grader based in the US.

No, not her. It was definitely someone from Australia man, he mentioned it on his YouTube too… I’ll go check.

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Yea here is the video from four star - SCAM WARNING: LO Collectables - YouTube


Ah, this video just be a little old then. Good pick up!

hay i messaged you back on hear :blush: its on its way to you my post office i went in there to send on the day so i can get proof of postage but it was closed its on its way to you now i have tracking which i will provide you on tommorow or tuesday i am very sorry about how long its taken ( my thought i heard some stuff about it so hasd them shipped to chris hale before being sent to me so there was a double delay its been sent 1st class signed and tracked and insuranced for £50 :blush:

You might be insane but not stupid. Good shit.

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