LF: PSA 10 English Blastoise Secret Rare Plasma Storm

Hey guys,looking for a mate,
he is wanting a PSA 10 English Blastoise Secret Rare from Plasma Storm 137/135
please leave a comment / pm me a price etc. needs to be shipped to australia with tracking + signature. thanks!

Its a pretty rare card. What is he offering?

currently hes just looking at what people want, he has the funds though.

Considering one has never been publicly for sale. So an owner wouldnt know what it’s actually worth.
If someone were to make an offer, an owner might actually consider if it’s worth dealing with. Plasma Storm
is a very hard set to grade.

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well he said his current offer would be 300 USD.

PSA 10 Count
Charizard 14 out of 299 graded
Blastoise 3 out of 69 graded
Random Reciever 2 out of 25 graded.

Charizard Goes for $350-500 but there are more of them Blastoise is much rarer even though the % are the same.
I am currently offering $350+ for the only Plasma Storm Lugia FA. He might have to make a rediculous offer to get a seller
flushed out.

BTW is your friend Tran/Emeriatus professor?

Tran? asin Huy or?

not sure what that means. Either way tell your friend a very high offer might flush it a seller out. I’ve never seen one for sale. It’s hard to put a value since its never been publicity sold.

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well he can offer up to 600 USD.

I think $500-600 offer will likely flush out a buyer.

I’ve always thought of using someone else’s card with the serial blocked out.
Using a listing on ebay to draw out a owner.

Like many have said over and over again, anybody who blocks out serial numbers are being either deceptive or ignorant. What are they trying to hide???

Only thing I can think of is to stop others from easily accessing the POP report to verify the card/see how many in grade X there are. Which is pointless because anyone with half a brain can navigate the PSA website and look up the pop numbers without the cert number.


Very true.
Another reason is people trying to hustle cards they don’t own but don’t want to get caught.

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This isn’t deceptive. You either misunderstood what I typed or I didn’t explain it well enough.
I was saying that IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUY A CARD you can take a picture of it with the serial numbers blocked out. I’m only suggesting this for the English Plasma Storm Blastoise Secret Rare because it’s so hard to find in PSA 10. Then you, AS THE BUYER, can list it up on ebay saying looking to buy this card. In the description you put what that
you are looking to buy and here is an offer. You list it really high so it doesn’t get bought out by accident.

I know this is against ebay policy and would likely get taken down. The whole point of this is to use ebay for exposure so you can
flush out an owner of this card.

Since I own this card and have posted it on social media with the serial number I can take a picture with the serial removed so they can list it. Normally I would agree but in this case they are not selling.

I also did this as well. The timing on my PSA submission wasn’t great and tuition was due. Am I deceptive, shady or a bad person? Am I ignorant as well?


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Well after all dis I finally decided to change my photob on ebay to my 1st ed shadowless charizard without the serial whited out. hmmms, I was ignorant when i first got here and though i was protecting people from faking the things, because i came across some insain fakes, and was very paranoid. I still didnt change it though on mny ebay till right now.

yes hisoka you are a terrible person because you are guilty of a crimes against humanity against the engrish crystal force, because you auctioned your crystal psa 10’s and celebi went for 200aud :ninja:

Arnt they worth 400? I will throw things.

My ebay account gets lower visibility because of the 200 card auctions( did 2 100 card auction a week apart) I fucked up on. two more months till all my negative feedback from that falls off.

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Its stupid that you get negative feedback when you send your stuff perfectly packaged, and everything is auction so everyone gets it cheap. Sigh.
But for serials, I know the feels of having to auction (ಥ_ಥ) don’t auction your bw Engrish 10s ever. Especially the blastoise/charizard plasma.

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