Dragon Ball Super TCG - Release 28 July

Will anyone be collecting these?

The cards look sooooo goood!!!


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A few of us have been collecting those for quite a while, albeit in Japanese =)

nice! how long has the japanese version been out for? is there much of a player base and/or collector base? Have you considered sending cards to BGS. The card design is phenomenal!

I much prefer the DB Heroes cards to be honest.

The Japanese version of these cards come with a small NFC disc inside them as they are meant for electronic play rather than an actual TCG. They’ve been out for around 1.5-2 years now. Still have a few sealed booster boxes of them.

I’m not interested in grading these, but the DBH cards of mine will be going to BGS this year :slight_smile:

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Nice stuff. I’d love to see your heroes cards when they’re back from BGS.

Thanks man! Hope to see you doing the same with some =)