Dragon ball super card game

What do you think about new dragon ball super card game? Future about this cards and future value? Difficult trade ahah :grin:

I think when the right TCG comes around, you’ll know it. The hype will be everywhere and the rarity/collectibility will be real and genuine. Leave the speculating for the crypto and stock markets.


There was a good deal of hype for a short time when these cards first came out. I haven’t heard much since the 4th or 5th set. Maybe I am not as involved as I was, but it does not seem like it will be significant in the future.

It is exploding right now, more specifically the set tournament of power. It had a very limited print run and it has the most desirable cards from any other set. The price of the booster boxes have doubled in the past 2 weeks and the secret rare of the set has been consistently selling for over $400. You get 1 secret rare per case, which contains 12 boxes. Personally, i love the artwork and the texture of the cards. The style of the cards are so refreshing and just gorgeous.

Really? I bought three boxes of ToP just before Christmas to sit on for $70 each. Now the question is sell or hold.

I don’t know much about it and I may be completely wrong, but box prices doubling this early on seems to be a result of speculation. MTG and Pokemon grew organically over decades. Everyone wants to “invest” in something, but this is likely an excuse to spend money on cardboard. Buy the cards because you genuinely enjoy them, not to invest.

Also, modern cards with any value are instantly put in card savers and sent off to PSA. Therefore, PSA 10 cards will not be as scarce as for other TCGs like MTG and Pokemon. Cards used to be carried around without sleeves, played with and traded on the playground. Therefore, vintage MTG and Pokemon cards in mint or better condition are extremely hard to find. For modern TCGs, all cards are kept in mint or better condition.

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They are selling for about $200 per box now

I think that this card go down in 1 year. And the point is what charizardadrew write. I appreciate that my opinion is yours opinion also. :blush:

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I agree with you totally.

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The print is less for tournament of power but every card is send to psa… So 0 psa 7 or less. So value i think go down.