DB super

I’ve been seeing a lot of PSA graded DB super pics. I’m a hardcore fan, but anyone have an idea if they’re going to hold value?

Anyone have a Baba’s crystal ball I can borrow? :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Really cool to see a new card series join the grading scene, can’t imagine how ecstatic you and other DB fans are!

Never been very invested myself but Dragon Ball is such a well loved franchise and one of the few anime to take off in the West at the time, there’s so much nostalgia for it and new series like Super are gonna keep the momentum going, so it seems like a safe bet, at the very least I doubt you’ll ever lose money and there is the potential for big gains in the future!

Lowkey might pick up a few boxes, just in case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s extremely young so it’s hard to say what will happen. Depends a lot on how the Card Game will be managed and how high the printruns are etc…
So far they have been doing a lot of things right, they do chase cards that are actually HARD to pull and desirable for collectors which is amazing.

I have also been thinking a lot about if it will just be a fad with the card game though, it’s getting some social media hype right now but it’s almost impossible to say if the interest will stick.
Also Dragon Ball has a very large following and a lot of nostalgia going for it, compared to other smaller TCGs like Force of Will or Cardfight Vanguard which doesn’t have much of a backbone.
It’s probably been one of the most successful Anime series overall, and from what I’ve seen this is the best trading cards the franchise has ever had through the years in terms of design and popularity.

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It won’t last, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

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I get this is a Pokemon site but you have to provide something to backup your opinion, pure speculation without reasons doesn’t provide much value and insight :blush:

Personally I think the artwork is amazing but my only concern is the pace at which they’ve been printing sets. Unlike Pokemon, the world of DBS is pretty finite in terms of characters so it does worry me a bit that they’ll run out of material with the rate they’ve been pumping out new cards but I’m hoping they’re in this for the long run and not just short-term hype to make a quick buck.

Not all my posts can be valuable or insightful :wink:

Dragon ball is a recognizable franchise but it’s fans are mostly people who liked the show and would buy a DBZ t-shirt at best. Compare that to the (likely) millions of people that involve themselves in a Pokemon-related activity on a near-daily basis. The depth of each franchise is not even comparable.

Additionally, there’s no relationship from Dragon ball’s popularity as a franchise to trading cards, like you see for Yugioh or MTG. And there’s no real organic emotional connection to the cards, like you had with kids growing up with Pokemon cards. There’s no reason to expect a long term community to develop around Dragon Ball cards.

Too many people are looking for the “next Pokemon”. I’m sorry to say that this is not it. Obviously there’s a possibility that the new TCG could just take off and be a hit, I could be wrong. But it won’t happen. That’s the cold hard truth that people might need to hear.


That’s more like it – well said! :grin:


Don’t see DBS cards holding value at all to be honest.

Inevitably everything gets compared to Pokemon, but if we ignore that comparison (which we should), then DBS is a pretty strong candidate for continued success. I can only specifically speak from what I see locally but it has a growing playerbase here, and I have heard that is is going strong around the US as well. At the very least it is MUCH healthier than Final Fantasy.

The chase cards are actually rare and the texture effects on the chase cards make them pop so much. They are eye catching, where they strive is that the cards are original artwork. Not just screencaps from the anime(Score DBZ).

I am collecting them myself and they are holding value, like new Pokemon it’s dependent on playability but that’s the same with all current TCG product.

Don’t get into DBS thinking it’s a fantastic investment potential, it could turn around and be nowhere tomorrow. Get into it because the cards look awesome and the anime is going strong and very popular with the younger audience.

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Where are you based? It’s pretty much non-existent in Norcal :confounded:

Perth, Australia.

DBStcg’s success and how strong it is as a collectible are 2 extremely different things.

It’s a great TCG… but it’s still a TCG. It’s a product for an aging market which doesn’t have much new blood coming in. Little kids just don’t play TCGs like 15-30 yr olds do.

Bandai’s prize support is amazing, the game is really accessible and has a low learning curve. Single prices really don’t hold value though. Days after release value of singles evaporate which I think comes down to too much product being distributed for such a small playerbase.

Tournament of Power is a set with a limited release for DBS and the secret rare (1 per case but there’s only 1 in the set) is the most expensive set card at $135 USD but I wouldn’t bet on the card to rise exponentially. The game could easily be discontinued in 2-3 years.

The secret rares might have value in a few years time and while they’re hard to pull they’re still solidly once per case. It’s rare but you know you’ll consistently pull that card and in 2018 where everything is mass produced you won’t struggle to find a mint copy.

All of these are good points which is why I don’t try and overthink things. All I know is some of their cards have pretty cool artwork and that’s enough to merit a purchase here and there :blush: