Don't Gamble With Your Cards-Nix The Tape

Tape and Binders have damaged or destroyed more collectible cards/comics etc than mothers.

If you have to use binders get the no ring type or DON’T USE THE FIRST VERTICAL ROW.

My steadfast “tape” rule…No tape goes ***ANYWHERE*** inside a package and for sure NEVER anywhere near a collectible item made of paper. There’s many alternatives if you just use your head:)

I don’t see what the big fuss is about binders. I can see how a binder that has a circle ring can ruin cards because it just creates a natural bend, but what’s wrong with D ring binders? All my pages sit flat with no bend, so I don’t see a problem.

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D-ring is what I use.
Official Play! Pokemon binders are made with D-rings.

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Hmm I never really thought about the rings on the binder before. SO these “D-ringed” binders, are they advertised as that or do you just look at the shape of the ring?

Most that you find in a store are advertised as such, though looking at the ring isn’t difficult.

Hi Gary,

I use D-Ring sleeved binders and I’ve not had any issues over the few years my cards have been in them. What is your experience with good quality D-Ring binders? Should I be worried in the long-run?

Thanks in advance,

Lets say your wife/mom moves your binder to clean underneath and the pages shift/scrunch against the rings. Lets say a binder slips off the bed. D rings are no different. They scrunch just as bad as O rings.

I have 13 1st Ed base charizards that have the inevitable binder dent…ungradeable unless you’re happy with a max PSA 6. As you know, being the #4 card in the set they sit right at the center ring.

Ask yourself this…would I put my Square Cut No Stage Blastoise or my Illustrator trophy in a binder page against a d or o ring??? No? Well, why not? You think its safe! Ok…that’s my point. If you care about the condition of your cards…keep them out of binders…
At least leave the first vertical row empty or stick energy’s in there for balance.

Now, as some people know, I do have several dozen binders. But this is what they contain…cheap junk cards, horrible condition cards, and some I haven’t had a chance to go through yet. Once I take the time to empty those and check them ill throw all the binders away except my graded card shell pages that will remain in binders.

All of my cards are in D-ring binders. I recently moved by entire collection into them. All of my cards are also double sleeved and I only use UltraPro Platinum pages. No one touches my binders except for me. I still live in my parents’ house and they don’t bother any of my cards. I think d-ring binders are perfectly fine as long you make sure the bottom page is pulled out.

I completely understand your point about binders in general Gary, but I do think that as long as you are being professional and cautionary with your binders, cards are generally safe in D-ring binders (but no 0 ring binders).

I just really dislike side-loading binders with fixed pages.

I never use Ring binders only the 4-pocket and 9-pocket Pokémonbinders.
And tape distroys everything that is collectible (not only paper).

The only thing I’m not sure about is PVC.
Some say it will distroy the cards and others say it will not.

Can I keep my Catcher League Promo’s sealed? And what about the wrappers on sealed booster Boxes, Theme Decks etc, do they contain PVC?

I know for a fact that the League Promos a long time down the road, there is PVC in them.

What happens to them?

There you go abv150. Those no ring binders are very solid. Even the tight fit when closed keep the cards flat. That slight curve that develops over time in d and o ring binders drive me nuts…but that’s just me.
Btw…nobody answered my question…Would YOU put an ungraded ssb or illustrator or any 1000.00 card in the first vertical row of a ringed binder? Never ill bet so why not?

Doesn’t the PVC slowly corrode and ruin the cards?

Well, who puts a trophy card in a binder anyway? Unfortunately I don’t have one myself but pretty sure I’d put them into penny sleeves and toploaders or have them graded. And so would you, right? So to answer your question ring binders, preferentially D over 0 ones, are good to store a great amount of lower value cards. The more value your card has I’d suggest to go with the UltraPro Premium binder or keep them individually!

Yeah, Gary, I would not put an ungraded SSB in a binder at all. I would go buy a safe, perfect the humidity inside the safe, put the card in a penny sleeve and a screw-down case, and place it in the safe.

How about toploader binders? They are D ring binders but take toploaders. Has anyone had issues with it (except for the cards moving inside the toploaders)?

For high end trophy cards, I just have them encapsulated by PSA for protection.

Thank you for everyone’s comments.

To Gary; no I would definitely not put an expensive card in a binder, especially not the first column. I have PSA cases for those :blush:

I do, however, put pricier cards in binders. I use D ring binders which I store flat, and I feel ok about them since no one else has access to them. But I am aware of the risks now. Thanks for all the insight!!

I have seen many cards with “binder dents” which is an unfortunate outcome for an otherwise mint card. I suppose this outcome isn’t inevitable if the binders are cared for in an ideal way. There is simply no substitute for binder pages in a good binder when it comes to viewing your cards. That is too bad :confused:

How about Monster binders? I have one and I LOVE it.