Does this card look a little weird to you?

Hey all,

Had a guy message me asking my opinion on this card pictured. I’m definitely not an expert, especially on the first gen stuff, as it’s been a long time since I collected those cards, but does this card look altered to you?

Sure does. 1st Ed stamp looks odd. The edges and corners are cut at odd angles.


That is trimmed to the max.


trimmed plus 1st edition stamp looks questionable


Looks a little shit as opposed to weird to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone. If @garyis2000 is saying it’s suspect, you gotta believe the King :wink:


defs trimmed :slightly_frowning_face:

This card with the exact same pictures is currently on, I got an identical picture of the back in my inbox. I’ve reported the listing, definitely tell him to stay away!


I knew it! Gary is the King. The King is Elvis. Thus, Gary is Elvis.




Then his birthday was 2 days ago.

Happy Birthday

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guys are you serious?
i was also interested in buying this card so i asked for some more photos, are you sure this card is tampered?
what exactly does it mean that a card is “trimmed” ?
thaanks :grin:

It looks like someone printed a fake card and cut it wrong. Or took a real card and screwed up majorly in handling it.

Trimmed refers to someone who manually cut the edges or border of a trading card. It is more common in sports cards, as the “sharp corners” are desired and enhance the overall value. The intention of trimming a card is to remove the edges or border that may have damage or wear. This trimming giving the card a false appearance of being mint. The card of course becomes smaller, but is not always easy to identify.

Luckily, most reputable 3rd party grading companies do not graded trimmed cards.

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i also find it very curious why there are black strips at some parts of the photos…

thank you, i see what you mean :blush:

This card is now on a facebook group called Hidden Gem Collectibles. Do I inform an admin that there is suspicion of this being altered? Problem is that the guy offering the card seems to have a good standing relationship with one of the admins on the group (as far as I am aware). I also don’t like some of the admins, because they condone the sale of the fake Pikachu Illustrator on eBay.

EDIT 1: by don’t like I mean that my faith in some of the admins has taken a beating.

EDIT 2: someone more knowledgeable than me about this called it out in the comments. The post has now been removed.

this guy is trying his damn best to offload this abomination

It was me who called it out.

Thanks. At first I thought the guy might be unknowledgeable and maybe bought it from the seller on Marktplaats. But the card is still on sale on that website, so they must be the same person. If the guy has good intentions, you’d expect him to take the listing down right? I also checked and he is still a member of Hidden Gem, really not liking that. Someone at some point will buy that card and there is nothing that can be done about it … I can report the listing as many times, Marktplaats just seems to leave it online.

Does it look there is a stain above the middle on the right side?