Does this 1st Edition Jungle Box Look Legit?

Just want to confirm this box looks 100% legit to everyone here, I know alot of you have a heck of alot more experience at making this judgement than I do and would really appreciate your input before I make this purchase :blush:

Sorry having a hard time finding the correct image format for this forum so made a quick imgur album with the pictures.


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just a word of advice. if you don’t know if what you are buying is legit, maybe you shouldn’t buy it. Unless you are willing to lose out on your $27k.


From the backstory, and all the material i’ve watched/read on how to confirm a box looks authentic, I assume it is. I just wanted to get some second opinions from people with more experience, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

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Man I hope you pull yourself a holo Snorlax, goodluck !

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Great reply!

If you we’re spending $27,000 would you not ask a friend their opinion on the legitimacy of an item that in recent has been in the light for being resealed?


from the pictures it looks authentic, my questioning is more to the source that checks out it’s to your best judgement.

& my word of advice is… PASSION! :blush:



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The seller is TCG.Collector. He said it’s from an ex-WOTC distributor and that he’s sold 120+ 1st edition boxes over the years from this seller, and over half have been opened and never a single reseal/fake.

So assuming his word is gold, it should all be good!

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Are you keeping it sealed or opening it?

50/50 right now. we may be getting a second to open (different box) for our studios launch of our new title.

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What is this for if you don’t mind me asking? If it’s for an interesting cause, you might get better help

I plan to give 1-2 packs to each of my staff to open when our new game title launches all together. However, i’ve also considered buying a box as a for-fun nostalgic investment (obviously not expecting it to perform like an ETF). Currently i’m not sure if it would be this box and i’d purchase another (the same, or fossil/rocket). That’s why I say 50/50

Its good to get a second opinion on the forum regardless I think.

This was my thread when I bought my first box cus I was unsure:

I bought one of my boxes from someone the Poke and MTG doesn’t really like though, |>. <|-|4N6 lol


Thanks :blush: it’s comforting to see someone else mention they were a noob once too. I felt a bit embaressed coming here since i’m “new” to the hobby again since i was a kid

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