Does the hobby go crazy over any card that is hard to pull?

I’ve seen some chase cards in the last few previous sets that aren’t so hot (art-wise) yet the market seems to say otherwise.

Does the hobby get hyped over any card if the pull rate or PSA10 pop is low enough?

Or maybe people just have a different opinion than you?


There are non-modern cards that are bullshit hard to pull, let alone in good condition, that people don’t really get too hyped over, care about, or even know exist. Because it’s not current and it’s not what’s trendy right now.

Modern needs to be considered it’s own separate entity because the culture around these cards is vastly different than anything else.

Pure rarity is but one facet of what makes a card popular.


Yeah cuz rarity= more money. But also, rarity is the driving factor for many collectors to want something in the first place. The Illustration Kyogre isn’t that different from a non-holo rare you would have seen 5 years ago BUT there are only 100 of them so the price is to the moon. A card having good art also makes people want to collect them but the real money shot is a rare card that also has good art.

Most new collectors are more excited with modern set cards. They dun really care about trophy cards especially those illustrated by 5Ban.