Does PSA grade Pokemon VS booster packs

I am collecting the Japanese sets booster packs, graded and ungraded and was wondering if any of you know if PSA would grade the japanese VS set packs. I am asking as they are way thicker than the usual booster packs, and Im not sure if they would.

Thank you!

Going by their pop report, they have not graded any Pokémon VS booster packs

To add to this, I went and looked through hundred of packs they graded including sports packs but best I could find was a 15 card football pack. I know generally those cards are way thicker than Pokémon cards but to my understanding the VS packs are 30 cards each and that might be a stretch. In sports they have “fat packs” which contain 30 cards each and I couldn’t find a single one graded either so unfortunately I would say they don’t grade them at this time :confused: