Can PSA grade these beauties?

I recently opened some Japanese Battle e Firered Leafgreen packs. I was fortunate enough to pull the best cards in the set which had charizard blastoise and venusaur. They are in no doubt 9/10 worthy. However, im not sure if PSA will grade these cards because i dont think PSA ever has. Also according to what i know, PSA only grades cards of certain sets. Is there anyway to know if PSA grades these cards? Should i even attempt to send these to PSA with the fact they might come back ungraded? I also have a korean Gold zekrom which i want to get graded. but havent seen any been graded yet… Any insight would be appreciated!


Probably not on the Korean Zekrom since they don’t grade foreign cards past Base if I recall correctly.

I would imagine they will grade those other cards, though.

I can see your point. :blush:

It just seems like those Pokemon e-Reader cards are so comparable to the pre-2000 Topps cards.

I can get you a nice used machine under 6500.00 then all you need is the right accessorys and casings.
Instead of BGS you could call BAGS lol.

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