Worth grading German Cards at BGS? (Since PSA doesn't grade)

I have almost all the holos and reverse crystal cards from Skyridge in German, Gem Mint, and it just feels bad to list them on eBay, I tried, but no one seems interested in them anyway. It kind of feels like a waste just selling them. Would it be worth getting them graded at BGS to maybe increase their value or to make them more desirable?

If you’re looking for resale I wouldn’t. German cards aren’t highly desirable outside of base set. Getting them graded is only going to further limit your selling pool. Maybe look into selling them on a German based site, or even a site like troll and toad if you’re desperate. Otherwise it might take years before you get an interested buyer.

I had actually hoped to maybe attract some international buyers that way, if they’re graded well by BGS. I guess that strategy wouldn’t work out?

BGS Pokemon collectors are as limited as German collectors overall.
I would sell them as is, and not go for the extra trouble/costs.

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Honestly I’m not sure about the german market and grading at all, I don’t get many German customers (I assume language barrier). In general you’re going to have more people looking for raw. BGS is in it’s own niche as well so you’d be fighting two hills instead of one.

If you can write and read German you might have more sucess by listing the item twice in both languages, just make sure to use www.ebay.de if you write in German.

I’m already listing my items with both German and English Titles/Descriptions…it kinda feels bad to sell them for such a relatively low amount, considering their quality. ;_;

The language cards tend to do that unfortunately.

Localization is a pretty undesirable thing :confused:
As a dutch guy i kinda despise the dutch base set; glad
That’s where it ended.

Oh wow, you’re also Dutch, cool :blush:

The Dutch Base set isn’t the worst, finding a 1st edition jungle or fossil holo and then realising the Dutch ones also exist is absolutely the worst imo.

I meant all 3, although expansion of base, i consider fossil and jungle part of base haha. To me there is only one base set even though i know it’s wrong ;>

And yo Skiwi man, that’s the second time you found that out lmao, *points to welcome thread* haha i kid i kid.

When did psa stop grading German cards?

They never started grading German cards. Only Base Set.

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If you ever pick up German GoldStars message me please.

Dutch Base 1st Edition FTW! Only all rares to go -.-; And I find it easier to find Dutch Jungle/Fossil and even 1st edition Dutch J/F than it is even to find Dutch Base let alone find 1st Dutch Base.

Foreign cards are a niche within a niche.

People like @quaandor (another crazy Dutchmen) collects all prints, so he’s onto many of the foreign cards but limited to just Pikachu. That’s why I pointed out to @cardcolle that a German Charizard is still worth it, especially PSA graded Base. People are after the Zards, but other cards are most likely better sold as is.

Guess I’m not quite over the hobby of collecting yet, since it hurts my soul so much to sell Gem Mints ungraded. :grin:

Actually the German market for Pokemon cards shouldn’t be underrated. For one thing it is VERY different from the English/American one. The most sought after cards are limited cards from the Neo Sets. Mostly Neo Destiny. Right now people are willing to pay more than 500€ for a Destiny holo rare in nearmint+ condition - ungraded!
Here in Germany it’s not about finding limited Neo holo rares (and rares) in good condition but to find them AT ALL.
And I believe the prices would skyrocket if we would be able to grade them. I would LOVE to have my shining cards graded.

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That’s a little exaggerated ; For 1st Edition Shinings in Mint? Sure. But not for any Holo not even 1st Edition in NM+, or Mint.

I’m happy with my complete set of Dutch Base and Jungle and Fosssil 1st Edition in nm/mint. Time will tell if our Japanese friends(and others) will shift their interest to Dutch like they did for our famous Vincent van Gogh. :wink: The pop is low so we already have a good start compared to our US friends when it becomes a niche. Don’t worry , be happy. :grin:


It isn’t. Remember smpratte’s words: “The prices are determined by what people are willing to pay.”
A friend of mine sold his Dark Umbreon for 700€. Another sold a Light Togetic for 750. And I was offered 750 as well for my Dark Gengar :blush:

Dark umbreon?
You meant Espeon right?

Sorry, yes. Mixed up the English name :wink: