Is it worth grading boosters?

Hey Guys,

I have a bunch of vintage Japanese 1. Edition and Promo Booster Packs. Since I’m going to the US next week for a few months I thought about getting them graded.
Do you think it’s worth it from an investment standpoint if I Want to keep them for a longer time? Or will nobody be interested in those boosters since they cat open it?
What is your opinion?

Pack grading for Pokemon packs from PSA has not progressed into the 21st century. Cases used nowadays were designed for wax packs which don’t have the extended crimps on the top and bottom. So in turn the packs end up crumpled and folded when graded, yet somehow grade up to a 10. In my opinion it’s one of PSA’s greatest atrocities.

If seeking to preserve them I would suggest just keeping them sandwiched between card savers inside a large team bag. You can find cardsaver 1s everywhere but I can’t recall where I got the card saver sized protectors :blush: