Does anyone have any information about this Shadowless Pikachu pamphlet?

I have seen it a few times before (on eBay, reddit, and probably this forum as well), but does anyone know how this pamphlet with Shadowless Yellow Cheeks Pikachu was distributed? Or has any additional information about it in general?



Huh, this is new to me. I thought I’d seen all of these, but clearly not.

It is completely different than all the Nintendo Power sheets, including similar release concepts like the Shadowless Charmeleon. This could rule out Nintendo Power, or it could simply predate them. Charmeleon is from Vol. 118 March 1999, so maybe Pikachu is from the preceding few issues?

Despite being a different type of program than the plain insert it does have some visual similarities, namely the little shuffle of cards beneath the adhered Pikachu that is similar to the other Nintendo Power inserts.

(Stolen image from Google)

However the Nintendo Power inserts all mention Nintendo Power. This one does not. Maybe this one came from Duelist? Duelist was not printed by WotC but it was sort of the official magazine for Magic.


@quuador It just occurred to me that this is shaped almost exactly like a VHS tape.

I searched the names of a couple of the early VHS tapes with the word insert and found this:

Found a version of the tape that mentions “free stuff inside”, but doesn’t mention the card specifically.


Stumbled upon this same Reddit post by Googling “Catch Free Pokémon Cards! Wizards”. The VHS in the background is “I Choose You! Pikachu!”. No clue if it only came with a specific version of the VHS.


It has to be from one of the earliest issues of the tape, or maybe a regional release, because this tape is super common and ubiquitous but this insert is not.

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This appears to be a network of plant fibres laid down as a flat sheet. It is likely made from a suspension of plant tissues in water (pulp, like orange juice pulp). The most likely materials are recycled paper and other plant sources. Possibly hemp, cotton, esparto grass, sugar cane bagasse or bamboo. Judging by the bleached appearance with black ink we can rule out esparto grass and bamboo. Very likely your classic wood chip pulp.

Of course I am speaking to the white insert sheet of plant fibres. The materials of this ’ trading card ’ with the yellow mickey mouse looking thing is above my education grade and security clearance.


Found this one;

Movies - Pokemon - I Choose You! Pikachu! VHS for sale in Cape Town

But this doesn’t match the version of the VHS seen in the background of the picture.

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I think PAL - so like the UK and Aus ones are yellow tapes and red tapes.

Think this came with the US version based on the PO Box and that it’s a black tape (like in the Reddit post).

Also seems to be the cardboard box version and not the plastic version.

Couple of sealed ones knocking around on eBay

2 Likes lists the DVD as coming with ‘Mini-Comics’, ‘Trading Cards’, and ‘full length Pokerap music video’, but does not note the same for the VHS - Perhaps the card was only in a later version released alongside or after the DVD release? The DVD released 1998/12/13, after the initial 1998/11/24 release of the VHS. The pamphlet talks about buying a Two-player Starter Set, which released alongside Base Set on 1999/01/09 - one would assume the pamphlet would have been distributed very close to, on, or after that date.

I also just noticed the pamphlet lists the offer as valid until 1999/09/01 while the sticker on @stagecoach 's image talks about the offer expiring 1999/12/30. That’s quite the gap.


@stagecoach @Llyrwenne @livindavido Seems you’re right about the VHS theory!

The I Choose You! Pikachu VHS is in the background here.

EDIT: Here is the reddit post this picture above is from, which is from 5 months ago. I’ve commented to ask the OP if he remembers where he got it from, or if it has a sticker mentioning the free TCG Pikachu on the VHS box.



Where we are at now is that there are a lot of prints of this VHS. We have to figure out where it came from.

The US address on the card has me thinking it’s a US release, but I can’t find one that mentions the card at all and you’d think they would be more commonly referenced for how common the tape is.

I think @Llyrwenne is correct that we should focus on the retail dates of the starter deck, but it’s also peculiar the Pikachu here is Shadowless.


Found a video of someone unboxing the VHS ‘with original advertisements’ - it shows the mini-comic, a subscription form for the comic, the sweepstakes entry form, and a $5-off coupon for Pokémon Red & Blue. No card;

Pokémon I Choose You! Pikachu! VHS


Looks like that same sticker (presumably advertising identical contents) appeared on several Pioneer releases, both VHS and DVD;


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Don’t get distracted by the Special Bonus Card - it’s not the Pikachu we’re looking for; rather a set of lenticular cards distributed exclusive through these video releases;


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this is a fascinating find, never seen it before personally.

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thank you very much for all this research
(All tcg panini)


(collaborative research topic where members surface leads and information towards an obscure release)

Crowd: “Thank you quuador we love you!”


There is simply no beating the best.


FYI, lobfay is the person who owns this card and asked me the question through IG, after which I posted this Efour thread and asked in a few Discord groups when I couldn’t find the release information myself. :wink:

But I agree that I’ve done next to nothing in the research this time, so I greatly appreciate the collaborative research of all of you. I also hope we’re still able to determine which version of the I Choose You! Pikachu VHS contains this pamphlet with Shadowless (yellow cheeks) Pikachu.

EDIT: @stagecoach @Llyrwenne @livindavido I almost forgot I can award them, but you’ve just earned my :cubetoken:. :slight_smile:



I was just being silly my friend, don’t mistake my playfulness for malice! :laughing:

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Oh, ik. :wink: I’ve known you long enough by now, and the gif also kinda gave it away. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless I mean what I mentioned, that I barely did anything and the answers mostly came from you here in the thread (and one person on Discord who told me about that picture I posted a few posts above). :slight_smile:


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