Do you know the difference between ex and EX?

This is specifically talking about the suffix of a pokemon card (i.e., Charizard ex vs Charizard EX)

please vote before commenting below with your explanation (don’t cheat)

  • yes
  • no
  • there is no difference
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voters will be hidden just to be nice to anyone who answers wrong.

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Yes I do. Thank you for the thread.

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At the expense of looking like an idiot i did not. I do now. Thank you for the explanation.


to be fair, anyone who doesn’t follow the card game mechanics could easily just assume the difference is card layout or some other mechanically irrelevant thing. no shame if you simply don’t follow those sorts of things.

one of the virtues of e4 is people learning things about aspects of the hobby even if it’s something as inconsequential as why some letters are capitalized and some aren’t.


Im kind of glad you posted this though, i have been playing tcg for a few weeks only and i was curious. The more you know! Thanks for being so cool about it.


no shade whatsoever. glad you learned something!

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Technically its ex not ex, but I don’t think we can italicize in the title :slight_smile:


One is modern one is vintage I think

interesting guess. exes were introduced in gen 3 and then were brought back in gen 9. EXs were introduced in gen 5 and stayed through gen 6


I know nothing lol

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the main difference is that (little) exs can evolve. Charizard ex evolves from Charmeleon. However, (big) EXs are always basics. Charizard EX does not evolve from Charmeleon. Of course, once Megas were introduced, EXs could evolve into M EXs, but that is a generational thing. not so much a mechanical thing specific to the suffix.

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To make things even more confusing, exes from 2003-2007 are still labeled by PSA as EX just as they do for the 2011-2016 EXes, but the new SV era exes are labeled correctly as exes.


E4 teaches me something new every single day.

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Yeah we don’t have icon for it like :goldstar:

Ishihara at Worlds 2025: We’re excited to announce that the 10th generation Pokémon will have EX


Do you know the difference between capital and lowercase E in the the English language? Can you see? If you answered yes to both questions then you too can learn the difference.


I am very confused now haha

So why is mew ex lower case? Both the ex era card and modern ones

It is very possible I’ve completely misunderstood the explanation haha

Well I learned something today. I thought I knew but apparently not everything lol.