Do you guys keep your cards with you or store them in vaults

Hey guys, just curious how you guys store your cards? Are you keeping them with you or do you have them in the eBay or pwcc vault. I personally just keep mine with me or in a safety deposit box. I just don’t trust eBay but what do you guys do?

Cards in my PC that I don’t plan on selling are in my office at home stored or displayed. Cards that I have 0 intention on holding or plan to sell soon are usually vaulted for quick selling


Nice try IRS and nice try robber.

Just kidding! I couldn’t justify using a vault service. I like to look at my cards in hand, not virtually.


I prefer CTR approach just keep 2m bucks worth of cards in his parents basement with a ton of guns :joy:


I keep the vast majority sleeved in a binder and my favorite holo cards sleeved inside toploaders, all stored in a cardboard box filled with silica gel. The box is kinda anonymous and placed under a lot of junk/random items, hoping to deter robbers.

I personally will never use a vault since I’m not an investor and I buy cards for my personal enjoyment. I love holding/watching them in person, but I can’t really speak because my most expensive card is like 300€.
I know that many people have really valuable cards, often one of a kind, and so safe or vault is a good option for some,


I keep my main collection in binders on my nightstand so I can go through them whoever I want. I keep my other random pulls/childhood cards in binders on a little cabinet somewhere. I feel like if I ever get to the point where I need to debate using a vault, I’m living in the wrong neighborhood or I need to reevaluate what I’m doing in the hobby.

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Safe deposit boxes

I’ve had my home professionally ransacked before. They were in an out in under 6 minutes and got all the good stuff. It was devastating to my family and I. Everyone kept their valuables where you usually keep them, night stand, dresser under the socks, jewelry box, shoe box in the closet.

Ever since then I’ve always kept my items, including pokemon cards, in the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen! Not everything but very valuable things. Inconspicuous box behind the pots and pans spread out over all the cabinets. When I had roommates I couldn’t do the kitchen thing and went to a local pizza place and picked up some large pizza boxes. I had it stacked on the ground and made it look messy. Like a typical college kids room. Well those pizza boxes had my watches and cash etc! Hiding in plain sight! Technically never tested but it sounds like a great idea.

Now I also am a reseller, I go to garage sales/thrift stores and buy used/new items and sell them on online. It’s my side hustle… anyways, I have half of my garage filled with totes of random items for my business. Some of those totes are for my business, some might have pokemon cards in them. Any thief would take one look and be like what the hell is all this? Just too many items. They’re looking for the good stuff, not vintage Grateful Dead tshirts. Hopefully anyways. :slight_smile:

I’ve given up all my secrets, you’re welcome.



When vaults start storing individual decks with proper identifiers for them, I’ll consider it. Until then, personal storage and display is where it will stay.

Shoe box in my closet.

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In my haunted basement.


I have a handful of cards i keep in the pwcc vault. Id like to bring them home eventually, but theyre my most expensive cards and i dont feel like i have adequate, secure storage at home right now

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Pwcc, its free and no tax when shipped there. Saves so much $. tiny 1% fee when you withdraw ship to home. Love it.

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I use multiple locations, vault included

Gunsafe all day, pew pew the robbers too

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I use personal storage that is spread throughout my house so that it isn’t all in one place.

Sorry you went through that. Did you have any safes and were they ransacked at all? Just asking because thats my future plan for keeping my collection safe from a home burglary.

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Hmm wouldn’t you like to know :eyes:

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Raw cards are kept in ziploc bag, and then in airtight tupperware.

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Make sure the tupperware is square shape so the cards can fit snugly and not move around too much.