Do people care if their PSA case is old or new?

I have been looking to make a big purchase recently, but I’m torn between buying a card in an old case compared to one in a new case. I love every card I buy, but I want them to hold their value as best as possible.

Will a PSA 9 in an older case without the holo sticker on the label hurt the value long term? Should I not care and opt to recase my card for an exorbitant fee and trust PSA to not damage it? Also, I notice that sometimes the older cases have cards with more damage. Maybe that is just a coincidence.

On another note, one of my favorite cards is my shadowless first edition base zard, but it is in an older case. Not sure if I should consider recasing or not.

Thoughts and opinions guys on the style/age/value of your psa cases?

Don’t worry about the case. You can always polish it or send it in for a fresh holder later.


Older cases look so much cleaner/uncluttered. Plus, since they started with the new labels the grading number has skyrocketed so newer ones may have missed damage etc.

Overall though, it really shouldn’t matter much. Go for the better deal because label or case changes will happen again and again so don’t sweat it.

I would just go with which case you like better. I like the build of the newer cases. Aesthetically, I prefer the label with the simple hologram that preceded the lighthouse label.

I like the build of the newer case better too. I neglected to mention that. I do have many of the newer cases with a plain label. Those I prefer.

The middle era ones with the holographic stamps are way more aesthetically pleasing imo. Also try enjoying the card Instead of the “value” or the plastic encasing it.

Is that possible? How do you get a newer case with an older style label?

@jj1,@jj1,You would have had to of submitted your cards when the new cases became available but before the new labels were put into play.
If you look on my eBay and see “new clam shell case” in the title, those are new cases/old label.

Here’s an example…

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Appreciate the input guys. I also have a card in a cracked case that I wanted to get recased anyway. I hear it is fairly expensive to get recased. On an old thread from 2016 I read it can cost 18 to ship a single card for recasing? Still accurate today?

No I don’t really care, as long as the case is not damaged, scuffed up, tampered with or dirty.

But ultimately it is your choice what you like or dislike in regards to the different versions of cases.

For collecting sets to display it always looks 100 times better if they are in the same case and label


I don’t worry about the case on a more expensive or rare card because it can always be recased (I do factor that into the max I’m willing to pay). But I prefer the new cases and I want all of the cases to be the same type for my set collections. So, I personally avoid older cases for cards that are more common and sell cheap but solely for the reason of convenience and wanting the cases to be the same.

I find it interesting how so many people when talking about a high end card like the 42.5k charizard being discussed in the other thread don’t want anything to do with an old case because many claim “grading standards were worse”. A lot of people in this thread don’t seem to care as much. Higher end cards bring out the nitty gritty details I suppose.

On another note, I bought myself my shadowless zard psa 9 and it was in a new case, so it was a moot point lol

Couldn’t care less. Buy the card, not the case.


To you it’s 100 times better. All that should matter is the card. You may be passing on some real treasure while you’re concentrating on an ever-changing label.
You’re not alone though. I get “label requests” all the time with some to the point of sacrificing condition for a label. I’ll usually recommend buying the card and ignore the label then at some point recase the set.


If I can I’ll try to get a new case. Sometimes I might even pay a little more for a newer one. If it’s not possible for me to get the card I want in a new case then I would probably submit the card for a reholder. Its purely personal preference.

Very true. Course card comes first over case but if both are equal then same case for me.

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I personally don’t care, but when it’s time to sell you lose customers that want new labels only. As Gary said though, they will change the labels and cases again eventually so I would definitely focus on condition and price.

I had this issue as well when I bought a Shadowless Zard which has this Beckett style sleeve and doesn’t even have the Shadowless designation, but I went for it. It was the best copy and best price available at the time.

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I love those situations with the Shadowless zards.