PSA Holder Value

Older PSA cases don’t faze me when purchasing a card, as it ultimately depends on the rarity of the card inside. However, if the cards condition and price were the same, I would choose the newer case. Due to the likelihood there would be less scratches and having the alleged stricter grading process, potentially having a stronger grade. With the extra serial number on the back is a major improvement and also with the general other aesthetics of the case.

What I’d like to know is, if you’re interested in purchasing a graded card, would you pay a premium for a newer case over an older one? If there were two identical on the market. One old, one new. If so, why? Would it bother you if an old serial number was re-holdered in a new case?

I know this is a very subjective topic so there is no right or wrong answers, just curious how everyone feels about this.

I generally prefer the new cases, but I do sometimes buy older labels. If the price is the same I would go with the new case if the condition is the same, but I don’t pay more for new cases.


I really don´t care what label it is as long as the card itself is worthy of the grade. If I had to choose I´d go for a very old label as the chance of it being regraded is a lot smaller.


PSA cases have very much improved over time, and I would definitely prefer a new-new casing instead of the older ones. I don’t think it matters much to me whether the cert numbers are different but I like to think of it more or less kinda like historic nostalgia almost as if, ‘wow this card has a cert number of 01234567 instead of a 41234567 these old cert numbers have lived their time.’ I don’t think it affects the value at all, but a new-case is added assurance.

If I was in market and there were two identical, I would pick first one on the list, lol. *ad bait prone*

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Thank you @swarm, I feel that is the general consensus.

@shadowless, Sorry I don’t follow, how do you mean an old cert has a lower chance to be regraded?

@doctordarkrai, Yes, I do love a good bit of nostalgia and sentiment! As with sequential numbers.

There is simply less time for cards getting submitted over and over. A 4XXXX might have been resubmitted way more often than a card with a 1XXXX serial. There´s some bigger sellers out there who are known for notorious regrading, they don´t sell any old certs at all :wink:

The newer cases feel sturdier. But ever since I discovered PlastX, scratches aren’t a problem anymore.


I see your point now, never crossed my mind before. Sellers like that just help ruin the pop report.

I’ve seen this mentioned here before though I haven’t tried it out for myself, I really should get some.

PlastX solves case scratches.

While people are hyperaware of alleged differences in strictness at PSA today, I’d guess in a year everyone will forget or no longer care


I prefer the new label but in the 27 - 30 mill range. The newest cases are so cheap and flimsy I can crack them with my bare hands so easily. I do prefer the look of the newer cleaner label but I wouldn’t pay more just because the label.

I do prefer the newer cases, but ultimately it won’t affect my judgement when buying a card. If two of the same PSA 10 Pichu popped up with radically different cert numbers I’d go for the cheaper option every time.


Your smarter than you know brother. I’ve quit speaking up on this because of push back. So now I just reap the benefits of being flexible.