Do not use "Gyft"

I hate bad mouthing companies, but yesterday I tried using “Gyft” (a gift card company) because there was a $5 off promo on a $50 ebay gift card and I was going to shop on ebay anyways so I thought I could save some more money, right? Wrong. I got the gift card, made the purchase and got an error screen telling me to go back and try again. Did that two other times and boom, next thing I know I got accused of trying to use a promo code 3 times and now my credit card is charged $150, which I wont get back for “3 to 10 business days” and guess what, still no flipping gift cards Dx Anyways, stuff happens, but I just wanted to give yall a heads up. Also, a good thing to use and I am not trying to endorse them or anything because I don’t want to be kicked off of here for trying to do that, but if yall use things like ebay, use should sign up for ebates because once you spend $25 or more you get a $10 check and then gain other credit that comes in checks and there is no fee or anything. Then look for your store, click the store and itll redirect you and then you shop like normal. Doesn’t take long either to get the cash back. Also, still looking for a gengar 1st edition holo, Umbreon 1st edition, and dark gengar 1st edition holo (:

I think eBay was offering eBay gift cards for $5 less than their value. Not sure if their promotion is still available though.