Ditto Expo Squirtle

Anyone know how many of these were printed?

Dude…I think it’s a “one of a kind”! ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD!

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Haha ridiculous

Love those cards, I have a Wizard World Mudkip

This post makes me think of those MLG Parody videos that people made to rip off the CoD No Scope videos, but about Pokemon cards.

Stop lying Gary. Trying to see what a good price to sell for this card for.

Found a danish one for 44 euro, but on pokegym there is a thread where they’re talking about around 10-20 euro. The Charmander one sold recently for like 9 bucks.

HiHi…sounds like there may be a couple more?

Definitely more than one. The card says “duplicate” right in front of it. :blush: