2015 Pikachu Illustration Promo XY-P - Only 100 printed!

Hey guys, just wanted to share this awesome new card Ive added to my collection. It is the winning card from the 2015 illustration competition. Only 100 of these have been printed apparently. Such a great artwork!


It’s a great card! I’m curious if the rest of them - I mean the other artworks - will pop up on eBay eventually.
Unfortunately now I don’t have any money to spend on cards… Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up one soon.

nice looking card, wish i could get one :blush:

My copy is on its way to Psa already hopefully it gets that gem mint 10.

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I bought six of them hoping for them in mint condition.


My copy just arrived today! I love this card and its illustration reminds me of the original contest held in 1998. I also like the fact that there are no obnoxious stamps or watermarks…very unassuming for card of only 100 copies.


Nice find!

How do you acquire cards like this?

I got one too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Noodles has gotta love our forum members. Hahaha


Where can i find one?



100 copies x$300 each - i think Noodles wallet is going to love our forum members too :stuck_out_tongue:

That drawing is terrible, it looks like it was done by a child. They should fire whoever drew it at Nintendo.


Thanks buddy :blush:

Now i have one :grin: :grin:

Y. Fujishima, we’re looking at YOU.

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@noodles must love our forum! :grin:

Welp shit…

I kind of wanted one

Shoot him a message! :blush:

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How many different entries of the competition have been printed as cards?


Here’s a new listing by noodles. ^^