Display methods

How do you like display your cards? I know there are many ways to display cards so how do you stack up?

also a question while I am at this, does anybody know of any a4 pockets sleeves for psa cards? Or any other psa displaying methods?

keep stacking!

I used to have all my cards in toploaders stacked up but i’ve since switched to using an ultra pro binder (i prefer ungraded cards). I really enjoy using a binder because:

  1. great display of multiple cards per page (great for sets of cards)
  2. really fun to organize
  3. helps keep track of missing cards in sets

For graded cards, you can purchase a stand that holds the card up like a family photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Just careful with binders.
You don’t want ring imprints.

The ultra pro that i use is good if youre worried about ring imprints. the pages are attached to the binding so it keeps the cards safe.

They have a such thing called a toploader binder where the whole toploader fits into the sleeves on the pages. Really good for protection!

Top loader binder… cool! Can u post a link?

Psa stands as well I would like a link. Ive seen them befire but a google search yielded no luck

I think they are talking about binders with one straight edge.
I went to Wal-Mart and paid about $5 for the same thing. There are also v edge binders.

I think it’s this one.

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