Did your Psyduck ever get so high it turned into a boat?


I like you Milhouse, you bring me stuff I haven’t seen before! Love your posts. So is this a Red Star Promo? Maybe because the Russians are planning to print cards? xD

This is the description from Pokebeach:

The official Pokemon TCG simulator has accidentally leaked the Worlds 2014 promo, named “Champions Festival.” Those who compete in Worlds this weekend will receive the limited edition promo.

Thats a very cool looking card

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Not only cool art, but the card also seems very playable and an excellent tech card in most decks, especially ones that are most efficient with a full bench. It will probably be pretty valuable like Beach (most likely not as valuable) since most players will want it, but you had to go to Worlds to get it.

if you want to see the different languages of the card, check my blog post World Championships 2014 promo cards
(missing the spanish version :|I do not find it on the online TCG game (Now the cards have been removed!!!))

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Psyduck looks like he needs to psydock!


Someone posted elsewhere a connection I hadn’t made previously:

The card art is a tribute to the famous duck boat tours of DC. The Washington Monument in the background can be seen in the exact place it would be if you were taking a duck tour.

Sorta cool when you think of it that way


The text I received from Charlie this morning:


All I see is a grey square.

I just fixed it. Good old proboards app.


All the Promo WCS 2014 cards


So is it true they were handing out this card like candy? You could participate in side events and be given this card?

No, only competitors of the world championship itself got the cards. I’m not sure if VGC got them too?

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Wait a minute… Are they giving out candy :grin:

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My grandfather met a guy in a van selling fake Pokemon cards once.

EDIT: The guy thought my grandfather was a cop.

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