Did this defect get over looked or is it normal?

I was looking at the card I received today to see if the Masaki promo had those corner indents. I sadly saw that they do. Do most of the 9s have these or did it just get over looked? I thought that these would make the card an auto 6, is that only true for very visible indents.

It is possible the PSA grades indents more kindly than true creases, however I am surprised that got a 9.

Yeah, sadly it was missed.

@garyis2000,If the guy offers free 30 day returns on his listing, is it wrong of me to return it or take this as a pricey loss?

The card is actually guaranteed by PSA. So, you can tell them that you think it was misgraded, then you can send it to them and they will regrade it. If the new grade is a PSA 6 for example, then PSA will pay you the difference between the market price of a PSA 6 of the card and a PSA 9 of the card.

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I was thinking about that but my issue is hearing how stubborn PSA is with this policy. I would try it if the guy didn’t offer free 30 day returns on all his listings though.

I have a full 9/10 set and at least three of them have something ever so slight like that and it doesn’t bug me. I’m keeping my set. If they are missing the Masaki Mark when grading, then I’d love to compare a 9 with a slight mark to a 6 with the mark. Just to see if the 6 has a more severe mark.

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@neverforget50in07 wildebeast17 is correct–but the problem, as it seems you are aware of, is that they differ in their interpretation of value vs what can truly be obtained on the market. It wouldn’t always end in a way you are pleased with price wise. I’m so sorry to see that a super valuable PSA 9 Masaki Gengar came with what looks to me to be very much like a slight indent, which Gary is correct about. It deserves the 6. Your picture isn’t the best for me to tell, but if you can ascertain with your eyes that it 100% is an indent, I would not be too pleased and probably be messaging the seller.

Here’s the thing–it’s not the seller’s fault for the grade, but they really should have acknowledged this in their listing. Not so much for being scrupulous, as much as being thorough and forthcoming. I saw a guy with a truly incorrect PSA 9 grade sell his Charizard on ebay and lower the price significantly because he knew it was not truly a 9. I wish you had gotten that same fortune. I would message the seller and explain this and ask for the return. They should honor it if they knew anything about PSA. They need to provide that discrepancy in the future listing now that they know of it, since you can’t be sure they did in the first place.

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Yeah I was super happy to get the card to come in today, then when I saw the top and bottom marks on the corner I was shocked. The seller is technically a store and offers free 30 day returns so I’m not worried about them not accepting. All I wanted to know if this is common with Masaki Promos that are graded 9s. The marks show up way better in person lol, the PSA case kind of masks it in the pictures.

Gotcha. Well yeah that does not in any way mean PSA should still give it a 9. I actually have a Masaki Gengar coming in the mail as well man. I can shoot you a message when mine comes in to let you know if it has it. Whether it is normal for them have that same mark I am not an expert on. But again, PSA has to follow their own rules no matter what. They missed it. (fingers crossed they do this with my 1st ed base venusuar :blush: )

I was able to return it and got the shipping label. I’m glad he had a free 30 day return, but I’m still mad that it had to have to indents on the back (was my favorite Gengar art). I wish he would have posted photos of the back of the card, since he only had the photo of the front. From my research it looks like most of these promos have those marks, but the ones that are graded 7 and above shouldn’t. Either way its just disappointing for a high grade have those indents. Hope yours has better luck.

Hah thanks man. I personally can’t bring myself to buy cards with only front pics, even as graded cards, even though it should be safe. It sucks. Hope you get a replacement soon and don’t have to pay any substantial difference.

I have a 9 set. One of them has the mark


It indeed is a great art, if the masaki promo gets too pricey, you can also go with the web version, same art but I think it is a little cheaper. You wont have the original, but you will have that amazing art

I have a 9 & 10 set and I’m fairly certain a couple of them have this line. I don’t keep those with me so can’t check— but the impression is so light that I believe they would still qualify for their grades if sent for review… It’s very common on Masaki cards, since they were distributed inside an envelope with flaps folded over those edges.


Also chipping in on this thread as owner of a PSA 9 set:

  • 1 has the marks clearly visible
  • 2 of them very slightly
  • 2 of them don’t

My guess is: the one that has it clearly visible is overlooked by PSA, it feels like it should have gotten the 6 just looking at it.

The ones that have it ever so slightly, it feels like they are within the parameters of a PSA 9. Also looks like on those it doesn’t show on the front, I guess that’s what differentiates it between being “there” or being qualified as a “bend” knocking the grade down to the 6.

Also good to read more owners of PSA 9s have spotted them very slightly, as I have wondered and worried about it before.

Tagging @smpratte here, since he owns a few Masakis and made two videos on the topic. I think his insight is useful.

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Mark adds to the history of the release, though I don’t think it’s going to get a holo bleed or swirl type of premium. Haha

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