Detective Pikachu Movie Promo Cards Pack Error

Hi, can someone who has been to the movie and got the promo cards confirm that their packet had the code card writing blacked out???

That’s actually not the error! That’s the correct one. The error would be the one without the blacked out back (if it exists).

The design was copy/pasted from the design for the 4-card standard packs in store products. Unfortunately, after they changed the color of the front background and the number of cards included, they failed to consider that the movie version didn’t contain a code card for use online!


It was cheaper to literally print another layer of black over the top of the part that mentions playing online than it was to remake all of the packaging already printed. And so we have this! The first time this has ever had to be done, but not the first cover up. Triangle base set packs take the first place trophy for that. :wink:

Here is a photo showing how they manually changed the back for the second wave of printed packs. It seems to be smaller than the erroneous-then-corrected run at this point in time.

Thanks, the other packets I got had the correction made on them so I’ll keep the blacked out unopened…

Yea basicly what Churlocker said, ive been keeping an eye on ebay looking for one that isnt black out but i havent seen any yet,

Also from when i went to the movie i got one that had been black out twice, which looks kind of funny,

heres a picture of the 3