Dans Trading Thread.


  1. I live in Australia so if you have a problem with that then don’t post.
  2. Ref Rules Apply!!! Whoever has less sends first
  3. I ship my cards in Sleeves and Toploaders I expect the same
  4. All of my cards are mint and near mint
  5. I do check lists
  6. I trade world wide.
  7. All offers are considered so don’t be afraid to post one
  8. Once addresses are exchanged there is no backing out
  9. Please post all offers on my thread
  10. If I have not left an iTrader yet post here so I can leave one.

This is my first trading thread so don’t expect me to have to much.


  • Most Japanese Promos.
  • WotC Promos except for 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23, 27, 34, 36, 38, 39, 43.
  • Japanese Holos from sets Base through to Present.
  • Alph Lithograph
  • Bottom of Lugia Legend
  • Entei Suicune Bottom Legend
  • Entei Raikou Top Legend
  • Articuno SR
  • Charmander and Charmeleon SR
  • Water Arceus
  • Fan, Mow and Wash Rotom
  • Base Zapdos and Nidoking


Japanese Promos:

  • All 3 Ana Airlines Sets (in packaging)
  • Grand Party Trainer
  • Hungry Snorlax
  • Cool Porygon
  • Dragonite GB promo
  • Moltres Ana promo
  • Surfing Pikachu
  • Diglett and Dugtrio Akasobita promos
  • Hamachans Sloking
  • Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup Players promos
  • Palkia and Dialga movie promos
  • _____'s Chansey
  • 9 card set from neo 1 binder
  • Snap Pikachu
  • Mcdonalds Pichu and Pikachu
    (All hard to get)

Japanese Holos:

  • Charizard Base
  • Alakazam Base
  • Raichu Base
  • Haunter Fossil
  • Muk Fossil
  • Miracle Energy Neo 4
  • Rockets Mewtwo
  • Rockets Zapdos
  • Blaines Moltres
  • Golem eReader 1
  • Gengar eReader 1
  • Blastoise eReader 1
  • Skarmory eReader 1
  • Poliwrath eReader 1
  • Rockets Wobbuffet VS
  • Pidgeot Jungle
  • Snorlax Jungle
  • Dark Blastoise
  • Celibi Neo 3 Promo
  • Erikas Dragonair
  • Kogas Ditto
  • Dark Weezing
  • Mistys Gyarados
  • Blaines Arcanine
  • Moltres Fossil
  • Lapras Fossil
  • Erikas Vileplume
  • Snorlax Lost Link
  • Venomoth Lost Link x 2
  • Spritomb Lost Link
  • Pacharisu Lost Link
  • Lucario Lost Link x 2
  • Altaria Lost Link
  • Dark Raichu Neo 2
  • Beedrill Neo 2
  • Butterfree Neo 2
  • Umbreon Neo 2 x2
  • Wobuffet Neo 2
  • Espeon Neo 2
  • Scizor Neo 2
  • Kabutops Neo 2
  • Forretress Neo 2
  • Smeargle Neo 2
  • Unown A Neo 2
  • Tyranitar Neo 2
  • Ursaring Neo 2
  • Houndour Neo 2
  • Houndoom Neo 2
  • Yanma Neo 2
  • Poliwrath Neo 2 x 2
  • Hitmontop Neo 2 x 3

Lost Link

  • Magnezone Prime
  • Absol Prime
  • Gengar Prime
  • Cressilia Darkrai Legend.

Good stuff

  • Donphan Prime

  • Meganium Prime

  • Blissey Prime x 3

  • Ursaring Prime x 2

  • Typhlosion Prime

  • Top half of Ho-oh Legend.

  • Top half of Lugia Legend

  • Top Half Entei Suicune Legend

  • Top Half Entei Raikou Legend

  • Bottom Raikou Suicune Legend

  • Gengar LvX

  • Snorlax LvX

  • Salamence LvX x3

  • Arceus LvX

  • Arceus Omniscent LvX

  • Electivire FB LvX

  • Tangrowth LvX

  • Staraptor FB LvX

  • Giratina LvX Pack

  • Shaymin LvX Pack

  • Fighting Arceus x 2

  • Dark Arceus x3

  • Fire Arceus x 2

  • Electric Arceus

  • Metal Arceus

  • Psychic Arceus

  • Colourless Arceus x3

  • Colourless Promo Arceus.

  • Charizard SR

  • Flying Pikachu SR

  • Surfing Pikachu SR

  • Red Cheek Pikachu SR

  • Frost, Heat Rotom, Charons Choice

  • Moltres SR

  • Zapdos SR x2

  • RH Expert Belt x3

  • Milotic SH7 x2

  • Relicanth SH8

  • Electabuzz SR

  • Double Colourless Energy x 5

  • RH Rare Candy

  • RH Pokemon Communication (2 Non RH)

  • 1 x RH Jumpluff

  • 2 x Spiritomb (1RH)

We should just implement a thread similar to another forum I visit. Have one thread with each person having a post and using that to store your refs. It will work as I don’t think this forum will get to big.

Can I just check that when you say Snap Pikachu, you don’t mean the Snap Pikachu right? The ultra-rare OMG can’t believe you have that card one?

Nah its the Snap Pikachu that was released with the magazine.

I’ll pass on that. I only have one Metal Arceus and its if I traded that away I would then need to get another one.

  • All 3 Ana Airlines Sets (in packaging)

with “in packaging”, do you mean they are still in the yellow/blue envelopes? Im still searching for them as i only have the small folders, not the envelopes

No sorry I just mean the little folder things they come in.

I have a Wash Rotom for trade, and am interested in the following (assuming they’re English)

Reverse Foil Rare Candy
Reverse Foil Communication
Reverse Foil Jumpluff
Reverse Foil Spiritomb AR

What of the above could I get for it?

Do you have/can you get Trading Game Figures that were never released? I know there are places to get them where you live as I have bought several from people in Australia. If you need pics and what not let me know.

I have quite a few of the cards you are wanting to collect that I can trade or I can just buy then from you.


Alph litograph
lugia neo holo japan
destiny deoxys promo japan
for your
All 3 Ana Airlines Sets (in packaging)
and if the Ana cards are worth more than my cards please tell me and I will make a different offer.
Ps if you don’t like this trade we can work something els out

gengar x
staraptor x
rh ebelt x3
rh pokemon communication +2 NH


  • Alph Lithograph
  • Bottom of Lugia Legend
  • Entei Suicune Bottom Legend (foreign)

gimme a holla, mate!

Hey dan I have these WOTC promos if you are interested.

11 eevee holo
12 Mewtwo (rarest one)
16 computer error
18 team rockets mewoth
28 surfing pikachu
31 cleffa
32 smeargle
33 scizor
35 pichu reverse holo
36 igglypuff
37 hitmontop

Let me know, I am trying to sell them.