Danish TV series about very expensive collections, Pokemon

Last year I sold a booster box to a collector from Denmark.
While making the pick up appointment he mentioned if I was oke with a team of moviemakers following him on his journey.

I agreed and this month they released the first parts of the serie.
There are several collectors/collections in this, but for me the Pokemon part was doing it of course.

It’s in Danish and the part we meet it’s in English (because I don’t speak Danish).
I don’t know if putting up a link is allowed, but here it is.
Part 4 Kostbare Pokemon, (around minute 5.02 it starts)

Pokemon Collector meets Rainbowgym

So for those who know my nickname but have no clue about the person behind it, just watch the Pokemon part.

this is part 3 of last week.
[Collector shows his Pokemon collection


And yes I know there are more expensive collections worldwide. But getting a more serious tv series about investing/collecting is at least a relief from only seeing Charizards base in the news.


Watched it yesterday! Kasper is good at bringing attention to Pokemon in Denmark. Did seem like an awful long drive in a small VW UP though lol for that size of a deal, I’ve sold to Kasper previously by mail and that was Denmark to Denmark. Maybe I’m not special enough to meet up with :grin:

Now you can rename yourself “Rainbowgym from Danish Pawn Stars”


Hé you just met Queen Pokemon.


@rainbowgym, this is absolutely charming. I was smiling the entire time. Also, your shop looks delightful — not just the Pokemon items, but everything else in it as well.

Thanks for sharing the clips!

Very Cool to see this and nice shop!

Fun fact behind the shop.
I needed space to run Pokemon TCG tournaments. Instead of renting a space in the 'community center’a day every week, I decided to rent a whole store.
Years and years I organized tournaments on sunday and on friday and saturday I used the store for my other passion: vintage design/items.
My mother (who is 78 now) helps me, she is a great decorator.

Pokemon has been in our lives for over 20 years and while I am not running tournaments anymore I kept the shop.
Covid and our age/health has changed some things in our lives, so we are currently only open 1 day a week.
But I am still as passionate about Pokemon TCG as 20 years ago.

Enough about me, I hope you all enjoy the series.
I try every time I watch if I can understand some Danish but still I don’t.
It sounds as a language from another planet (sorry Danish people)


I love everything about this!