D3F14NC3's Collection Down Under 🦘

Maybe it has that expression because it’s seen some things we couldn’t comprehend.


I love the e-series artwork, just can’t afford to collect it when I haven’t finished the Base-Destiny sets yet. Only have a few random cards that I have accrued along the way. One of them is the holo Zapdos from Aquapolis though which I absolutely love and is probably worth a lot more than I originally paid for it as a random ebay impulse purchase back when Pokemon was unpopular and the cards practically given away, they were so cheap.

From your cards, I LOVE that crazy Komiya Charmeleon. But then there is that oddly cropped Golem that looks like he’s about to take a power dump :joy:

Nice pictures; thanks for sharing! Enjoyed looking at those arts.


Charmeleon is one of my favourite Pokemon and that one is certainly the most unique (at least from the WOTC era). That Zapdos of yours would be a prized card for sure.

I thought I would show something a little different from cards. My original green Gameboy and my original Pokémon games. My dad and brother bought me my Gameboy for my birthday. It came with Tetris plus they also bought me a couple of other games to go with it. The Jungle Book and the Lion King. I played those game a lot but I could never beat them. I no longer have those games (they actually weren’t very good games in retrospect) but I did keep my Pokémon games.

Pokémon Yellow

Fast forward a year or so and the Pokémon games came to Australia. I saved up my pocket money and my very first game I purchased from Toyworld was Pokémon Yellow Version. I love that Pikachu follows you around. My friends had Blue and Red and were always jealous that my Pokémon would follow me in my game. Out of the trio, Pokémon Yellow is my personal favourite. I named my character “Ash” as I always thought that was who it was. Unfortunately, the ravages of time seem to have corrupted my game. It does still start but it appears to have loaded into a random location and my stats and Pokémon are all different. I did have a complete Pokédex including Mew (more on that in the next section).

Pokémon Blue

I wanted to complete my Pokédex so I purchased Pokémon Blue Version. By this time, the Gameboy Colour had just released and a received it as a present from my mum (I can’t recall if it was for my birthday or Christmas). This meant I now had two Gameboys so with the help of a link cable, I could trade between my two games. I did also occasionally trade with friends which is where my Mew came from. My friend had gotten it at an event. I spent hours trading back and forth to fill my Pokédex on both games but I was still missing a few from Red. Unfortunately yet again, the ravages of time seem to have corrupted my game. My character name is different and my Pokédex is no longer complete. But it does still work. I also learnt from friends in school about the MissingNo glitch and duplicated my master ball and rare candies to level all of my Pokémon to 100. I caught MissingNo once and it turned into a Rhydon that knew fly which was interesting. It’s amazing that everyone knew this glitch pre-internet.

Pokémon Red

I was on holidays at my grandma’s and we were walking around the neighbourhood when we came across a garage sale (some of you may know it as a yard sale). I saw a copy of Pokémon Red Version for $20 and purchased it. There was no box or anything which is why I don’t have the packaging for Red. But I didn’t mind because it allowed me to complete my Pokédex. My game still works perfectly. I was last standing at Cinnabar Island so clearly some nefarious glitching was underway. I am going to backup my game save to preserve my original Pokémon for the future as they hold a lot of great memories for me.


Beautiful collection and loved that you still have such strong memories about all the games!

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Phew… adore this post a great deal! The best man. Love the green gameboy, looks cosmic as hell. There is no better color! Years back I posted my game collection as well, but didn’t include the boxes, so it’s really great to see you’ve kept them in excellent condition! Funnily I included pokemon green (jp) in that post, so your color scheme still matches.

In the US if one has a garage, they call it a garage sale, and if one doesn’t, they call it a yard sale! :cowboy_hat_face:

But most remarkably, if all 3 colors haven’t had battery replacements, and they are still booting up like that, that is astonishing. Granted, they really only pull from the battery when in use, unlike the gen 2 games with an internal clock, but to have them be about 25 years old at this point and still have a working battery is amazing. I’m not sure if you have access to a soldering iron, but you can dirt cheap pick up replacement batteries and pop those out and replace, and they should work good as new. I’ve done it with some dozen cartridges at this point.

Excellent 5 star post my good Aussie. The jage/emerald satin luster of that gameboy has me like this:


Sir take your cubone to a pokemon center lol

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It’s destined to remain fainted for all eternity.


Thank you! I am looking into battery replacements now. I’m surprised everything still works. It has been about 5 years since I last powered these on.

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Something about seeing an original GameBoy next to those cardboard boxes is just so incredibly nostalgic. I love how they still have the price stickers on them, it’s the cherry on top. Thanks for sharing!

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