customs duty to germany


maybe some member from germany can help me, because im a little bit confused; the official customs duty site doesnt really help me.

What customs duty do I have to expect to pay, when i buy 1,2 or maybe 3 packs of this (Pokemon XY Break 20th Anniversary Box - 15 Pack for sale online | eBay)?
Are there some tips to make it cheaper? Do I have to pay in cash when I get the delivery?

Thanks in advance

I found this site:

You only get one free calculation and I don’t know how accurate it is but it said import fees for you would be approx. 8 Euros for one box

I think @darkrai is from Germany if I’m not mistaken.

Not sure on the rates but if your order is under 22 euro there is not duty. I ship a lot of packages to Europe and have never had anyone complain that a smaller package has had duty. Most of Europe is 22 euro.

If it’s between 25 and I think 100€ you pay 19% Import-Tax and yes you have to pay it in cash at your door. And no postman has change on him so you have to have the exact amount which you can’t know beforehand. Pretty dumb.

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I cant believe how stupid customs is over there…

I will throw things…

I sent a blastoise no rarity there nirly 2 months ago…

Dude messages me a few weeks back and says it hasnt updated… I said I bet it is in customs :unamused:
I marked it for 10 dollars, like i do for all eu f’d up customs countires.

GUESS WHAT! it was in customs for 3 weeks… and then all the sudden after he rang them up, an update for tracking happened like a fdew days later AAND IT SUDDENLY APPEARED BACK IN AUSTRALIA!!!

Anyway he was going to open a case, and then all the sudden it arrived… So aus post must have sent it back xD

What to do if the customs open a sealed boosterbox? This happened to one of my buyers and I feel sorry for him but I don’t want to take it back either. Suggestions?

Yes, that really sucks. My general policy is I don’t ship anything with sealed value that would need to clear a countries customs office.

That REALLY sucks.

I will keep in mind not to ship sealed product overseas.


What was that punkster? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ