Cross grading PSA to BGS question

Has anyone done this and liked the results? I ask because I have a PSA 10 1st edition Blaine’s Zard that I believe to be flawless. From the little research I have done I understand how difficult it is for a Pokemon card to get black label, but I am confident this would score at least a 9.5 GEM Mint with a shot at a 10 Pristine.

I have never sent to BGS and do not even know their rates, policies, how hard they grade on their criteria s, etc… I have a PSA membership so I have never needed a middleman, however I might would consider using one for BGS if I can find one. I was wondering they would transplant the Zard from a PSA case to a BGS case as well?

My last question would be, is it worth it? I am shooting for the Pristine obviously, however I risk loosing a PSA 10 in the process which even at a 9.5 would hurt the value. Would really like some opinions from those of you who have used BGS.

Nice topic. On another note, does anyone know if BGS have option to set minimum acceptable grade.

Ie, i want to cross grade a PSA 10 card but will only want it encapsulated in a BGS case if they are going to give it a pristine 10 minimum (if not, they can charge me but return the card to me as a psa 10). Is this an option?

Pretty sure you can tell them the minimum grade you would accept (BGS 10) and they will only crack the case if it meets that minimum. So the only thing you have to lose is the cost of shipping/grading and the time

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You can send it in and request if it’s not a Pristine then don’t crack it.

You don’t need a membership. Just go to their website, fill out a form, and send it in. Good Luck. That would be awsome.
PS…I’d like to make an offer if you get it?

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You are the person I thought of when I made this topic, should have just messaged you lol. Okay I will most likely get it sent in to them sometime in the next couple days. This is the cleanest English card I’ve ever graded so if anything in my collection had a chance for a BGS 10 I’d say it were this one.

As far as an offer… I’ll happily take offers for it, however accepting one would be hard as this is a top 3 in my collection alongside my Master’s Scroll and PSA 10 15th Anniversary Pika. I’ll always listen though.

I understand lol.
I gotta try though;)

There is the Zard btw

Not trying to get your hopes down, but you should first measure centering after scanning for example and counting pixels.

And is that some very tiny amount of whitening on all back corners?

I’ve never regraded cards before. Is it better to break out a PSA 9 trying to get a 10 from its case and send it in or keep it slabbed and ask for a review? Just based on perception I would assume breaking it out would remove some of the grader bias and give you a better 10 chance, but seems dangerous…

Centering might hit 9.5 as the bottom front border is a tad bit thicker than the top and small whites at the back left bottom corner so thats a 9.5. Could try to get the edges, centering and surface 10 but the corners are done, probably 9.5 max on that.

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