Crobat BREAK

The results from the Battle Festa 2015 poll are in…

The next pokemon to receive a BREAK card is Crobat!

1st - Crobat
2nd - Typhlosion
3rd - Aromatisse
4th - Whimsicott
5th - Octillary
6th - Magnezone
7th - Hippowdon

Source: CV
CV’s Source: Pokeca Net Gym.


Kinda feels like we threw Crobat under the bus to save Typhlosion, assuming candidates can only either be BREAKs or EXs. Hopefully not though since they’ve proven a Pokemon can get both (e.g. Florges, Trevenant). Any idea if this is gonna be in a future set, or will it be a promo?

I would imagine it will be a promo in japanese and make its way into the english xy10, hopefully it’s a balanced card and won’t send bat decks into beast mode :blush: