March 13th - March 19th - Banette - Emerald Break

Card of the week March 13th - March 19th, 2015****Banette Ancient Trait - Emerald Break

It’s the release week of Emerald Break so I had to choose a new card from this set. I have chosen this Banette Ancient Trait card. It was a toss up between this card and the Dustox Ancient Trait.

Which is your favourite card from the Emerald Break set?****

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Banette is a good choice! I always liked that one.

My personal favorite from XY6:

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The ones by old school artists. Specifically Komiya with his electrode and exeggcute

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Rayquaza-EX FA or Ancient trait Dragonite.

Uncommon/commons have lots of good stuff also, really like both Altaria.