Cracked PSA corner..Should I be worried?

I bought a PSA 7 Venusaur Shadowless for $400 on ebay just now. It says it has a cracked corner. Do you guys think it was a swap? Should I just leave it or send it back to PSA?



Nope. Not switched


Pictures are awful. Typical business these days on ebay. The card is what matters, but I personally would stay away from a foggy or cracked slab. I’d have to re-slab it anyway, which costs money. Venus looks fine, but I would just pay a bit extra to get one I want. Since you’ve bought it already, definitely check it out and send to PSA.

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Thanks Gary,

How can you tell?
What should I look for when evaluating a possible crack and switch?

One of the entire sides or both would have to be tampered. Foggy sides. Easy to see tampering on PSA slabs. Even ones that old. (in person that is)

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Ah, gotcha. So the sides is the giveaway. The sides on this card seem to be ok.
Do you know the charge for PSA to put into a new slab? Is it $10?

Last time I checked it was $10. They are updating prices so just double check–but doubtful it would dramatically change if so. I actually just looked it is still $10 right now. It is possible to pluck a card in on any side. So check all 4 sides of any dubious PSA card any time for fogginess or cracking.

ok ill upload detailed pics when it arrives, thanks guys!

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ok it arrived. please check guys! i greatly appreciate it!!!

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@mervjackson , it’s perfectly fine mate. You can just reslab it for a fresh one if you ever want a non-chipped case, but yeah, no foul play there.

Oh, and congrats on new the card! :blush:

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I think someones just dropped it onto the floor right onto the corner.

It’s happened to a few of my slabbed comics and looks exactly the same

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Genuine question. If it looks like a 7, does it even matter?

Agreed. Crack it out and submit it to GCG for a 7.5

Ah yes, GCG, the best company

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