CP3 'Pokekyun' Collection Mini-Set


We’ll literally be getting a cutesy Pokemon set. All 32 cards in the set will be holo like Shiny Collection, and the set will release on January 29th in Japan.


Not personaly a fan of Dedene, but I like the other two CP sets so will buy this one too.
Wonder if they will include Stunfisk like they did in Shiny collection

I am more interested in this.


Those are really cool. It’ll be interesting to see how far they take the “nostalgic design.” I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to think they may include Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur BREAK? Similar to the random ex decks back in the EX series.


The old back sleeves are badass.

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This, yes. Perfect start to the 20th anniversary.

I think it’ll just be a set. After the mascot promo that just happened, the pokemon center needs time to regroup LOL.

Pretty sure this set is already sold out on ami ami, glad I preordered a while ago

I thought there was a thread on this set made a while ago?


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Am I the only person who really doesn’t like these mini sets?

Sorry Ethan @fourthstartcg I didn’t know we already had a thread, want me to take this down?

I like these mini sets because it is different from our every day cards… Just it might be a little overkill making them all the time.

I like them because you complete the set with just one box and so far they have only been released twice every year.

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@pokemontrader No worries! I moved all the posts on your thread here so we don’t have 2 separate threads going :blush:


Got the pack art for this set now:

Potential for Sylveon EX?! Altaria EX? … M Altaria EX!!!


Glad I pre ordered my boxes a while ago. Also the old school decks listed in the same article are available for pre order on amiami I bought the 6 sealed decks.

I think the potential for the sylveon ex is pretty high given that they have had espeon in the last set and are also releasing those decks with the eeveelution ex cards, I honestly don’t think they will put a mega in this set though.

True words


Yeah the old school deck boxes

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