Costco ETB-Tin Bundles EvoSkies & ChillReign for $54.99 CAD

Hey guys! Wasn’t sure if I should put this in English Market Thread or Giant Deal Thread, but figured I’d make it it’s own topic, in case more people see it this way. Over the past week or so, all of the Costco’s in my area (GTA, Ontario, Canada) have gotten several pallets of ETBs bundled together with tins for $54.99 CAD. The MSRP on ETBs is $44.99 CAD, so this essentially means you’d be getting the tin for $10. This is still a fine deal for Chilling Reign imo, but more importantly, the pallets have been half Evolving Skies as well. My local Costco was entirely pillaged of EvoSkies last night, but they had a fresh pallet out today with probably around 70 EvoSkies ETBs. The tins I have seen so far have been Jolteon V, Vaporeon V, Flareon V, Mew V and Galarian Slowbro V promos. I normally don’t really mess with English, but I had to grab some because I thought it was such a solid deal. There doesn’t appear to be a limit on how many you can buy, as I’m pretty sure one guy bought like 45 yesterday (not that I’m advocating you go do that, but Costco is a wholesaler). Anyway, yea, just an FYI for any ETB hungry English collectors!!

Edit: also, it was kinda funny, some of the employees were talking to me while I was grabbing my boxes; they said people were particularly coming in trying to find the boxes with “the pink Pokemon” (Sylveon) on the front. I was telling them that I didn’t know about a preference for one specific box art, as they both have the same packs inside. He then started telling me someone told him that the Costco packs have different serial numbers and there’s a really valuable card that you can only get from the Sylveon box. I tried explaining to him that it’s just the art that’s different and that the packs inside are the same, with no difference in pull-rates, but he insisted that you can only get “that specific card [presumably, Umbreon VMAX]” from the Sylveon box. He asked me what was going on with people coming in for these boxes and then wouldn’t accept my answer and was trying to tell me a different reason :joy:


Dang id buy some if i was in canada or had a costco membership


Google knows I looked at this thread. Just got 2 cosco ads today for the first time


Memberships are free for employees & u can put up a tent on my yard :brain:

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If it was 2020 people would take you up on that