Corrected prints of error cards

I’m specifically wanting to know about the Error Hoppip and Corrected Hoppip from Dragons Exalted. In the first print run, Hoppip had Skiploom’s pokedex entry. However, I pulled a corrected Hoppip with Hoppip’s entry out of my keldeo box. Now, this may be a bit too early to tell, but how will the corrected version affect the price of the cards (both the regular and reverse corrected versions, as well as error regular and reverses)? Is it too early to tell? Will it be similar to Call of Legends phanpy?

Do you know an approximate quantity of the error version (assuming the corrected version has been the highest released)?

The very first products with the corrected versions are the Keldeo Boxes, which came out at the beginning of October. This gives the error version a month and a half of product since the release of Dragons Exalted (August 15th).