Copying Pictures - Am I blind?

I need to make sure I am not blind. Linked below is another seller using my picture(s):
Anybody else see my watermark?

They also have my other elite code picture up, but it has my use id cropped out. When I asked the seller to remove the picture this is what I got in return:

"Excuse me, but we take our own pictures. I did not crop anything out.

If I saw a watermark or a copyright, why would I copy it for?

You’re accusing us of cropping or removing a watermark on a fn code card? lol Please.

Contact eBay, we did nothing wrong. we take our own pictures."

I really hate wasting time to have to call these listings into ebay, as the “report” link never results in anything. Sending them a message is courtesy for the both of us, but getting messages like the above fuels me to go ahead and make that call.

Seeing other people constantly using my photos has became one of my biggest pet-peeves since I have spent more time making photos for my buyers, than anything else.

EDIT: Forgot to mention this on their listing

“LEGAL INFO: All descriptions, logos, photos and formats © BLUE FORTRESS MARKETING all rights reserved.”


Aw man what a pain! And he’s being a brat about it too. I guess you have some recourse but i can bet you even money its not worth your time pursuing. Best case scenario he removes the watermark and still uses your picture.

Good side of it - he’s advertising your alias for free! :blush:

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needed* that

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Nope, not blind. Granted, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve caught people using your pictures and have made other reports due to that.

Ebay really doesn’t allow you to be descriptive of WHY you’re reporting which annoys the HELL out of me.

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Maybe if enough of us on here complain to them, they’ll stop doing it.

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Please call eBay if you find time. I can’t stand the way this seller is acting.

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I was expecting to see a seller with a lower rating/new account…


me too.


Ok guys,probably not a good idea to message the seller about the pics… I asked them if they could take some pics of the codes (because the ones shown are TheCharizardAuthority’s) and the dude said he reported both of us for harassment… lol, what a clown.

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I just quietly reported them. Though I would like for them to have some actual repercussions.

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This is always frustrating, sorry this happened to you Rusty. I will go ahead and report them as well. Perhaps if this becomes more of a recurring problem we can make a thread to help report and remedy this issue.

I actually had someone copy my entire auction, photo, description and everything.


I found the Q&A particularly entertaining in that link.

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Yeah, probably best for all of us to just report him. eBay usually will do something if it’s more than just one or two people reporting the seller.

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That explains why I thought you when I saw their listings.


blerh… that is nothing… man… I’ve had people copy my entire ebay store format / listing / descriptions / images…

like… what a stooge… you take the effort to work on creating a detailed product listing, and people just copy and use it as there own word for word / image for image…

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That was my issue. Usually I get a message back saying they will pull the picture no problem, but even in his second and third message the guy was still saying he took the picture. It takes a special kind of person to continue lying after being caught red-handed.

I just deleted the rest of the messages this morning without reading them. They waste too much time and frustration. I will probably take on this call when I have several things to call in about. I usually do that with feedback and it works out better. Although, if you get a bad representative on the phone, it is best to hang up and call back if you expect them to actually get something done.


Quick off topic question, can you report or change feedback you don’t agree with???

Yes you can. The rules are constantly changing, but you can get feedback removed. The most recent change is that, they will no longer remove full positive comments on negative or neutral feedback.

This page says they will be automatically removed, but they are not always:

I recently removed 2 feedback. 1 was for a negative about a 6 day shipment to Australia, and another due to an 8 day delivery to Australia. A 3rd was removed because the buyer could not access the revision link. This can change from representative o representative, so be prepared to call in more than once.

Changing directions - I did call in while shipping out this morning, and there was not even a wait. All 4 listings reported and expedited for removal within 10 minutes. If you have a reason to call ebay - now is a good time haha. I appreciate all the reports/support as well.

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Thank you so much.

Sorry to bother you, but I got neutral feedback because a parent doesn’t understand anything about cards. She claims she “didn’t know if any of the cards I sent were rare” despite an exceptionally accurate listing, and messages from her saying she had no idea what she was looking for…

Can I contact support and have it removed?

This was one that you used to be able to get removed. If the feedback said something like “Not what I wanted” or “Thought it was something different” - then they used to remove it.

There are a few more pages that go into detail about feedback removal. The 2013 Fall update would be able to remove that under the expanded feedback policy if it is still valid:

From what you say, the feedback left is unrelated to your perfomance:

“The feedback is unrelated to your performance or inconsistent with the information contained in the specific fields for that data provided by eBay in the listing form. For example, you chose “used” as the item condition and the buyer left negative feedback for item description because the item was used.”

I cannot say for sure if that page is still applicable for feedback removal, but it could be worth a try. If you buyer is in your country, I would call them. You can request a buyer’s information through ebay: It can’t hurt and sometimes parents are more understanding with someone they can talk to. I have a tendency to insult people by being direct in writing. Tone can make all the difference.