People using your pictures on the bay

Moved my post, I remember @thecharizardauthorty having this same problem but I can’t find the thread. If you guys could help me report the listings I would be appreciative :grin:

Person has my pictures on two of their listings. I reported Listing practices > Fraudulent listing activities > you suspect that a listing is fraudulent



I’m sure they are using other people’s images as well, which sucks as they are posting for lower prices

his thread was titled copying pictures am i blind (or something close to that).
Reported but i doubt youll have much luck without any watermarks etc, may wind up a he said she said.

Thank you for reporting, I had a look at his other Pokemon singles and most of them are blatant copies of others including exact title!

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Unfortunately there is a feature thats clicked in anyones listing to “sell one like this” or similar. It copies a majority of the listing details for use so ebay actually promotes this so to speak, however I dont believe it uses images in the duplicate


@credits Yeah I know what you mean, but my images are ones taken directly by me.

I managed to sort it out, the seller apologized and replaced my image with another image, one from a tonsofcardsandmore listing lol, oh well. So mods if you want you can close this thread or people can post similar problems with sellers I am happy to report/help in any way!

I agree with u on the image thing. An item being sold should be an actual image of the item sold, especially with phones now, its just too easy and lazy on the sellers behalf. Maybe one instance where its acceptable is when selling multiples in one listing. People are just lazy fucks sometimes.


eBay is such a sleazy company.

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@japanime They sure aren’t as consumer friendly as they could be. :confused:

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Let me know if yo have other questions.

Why you up so early Rusty? Lol

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What happened to my long detailed post?

I am on the East coast so you are the one up at 4:30 haha. Burning daylight here!

So my previous didn’t not post in full for some reason. Here is the actual explanation:

click “here” on that page

Put in your info and you will get an access code sent to that email

Once you get that access code you use that to get an infringement form to submit to Vero online

Fill out the Vero form will your information

Once you get to the bottom 4.2 is the reason code

Your item number goes in the works infringed box, theirs go in the larger one below. If you have multiple you can use each of the 3 sections separately or all in one separately by a comma and in order respectively. The most you can is 4 per section - so 12 total

I put ebay as the region

When you go to the bottom, you can attach one photo but it is not necessary

When you submit and adopt your online signature you are done. You can just hit No thanks on the pop up. You will also receive an extra email about reviewing and signing, but you already have at that point. The email is just for your records so you can access your claim. The process normally takes about 3-5 business days and you will receive a follow up from ebay when it has been taken care of. So far, this has worked for me without fail on over 40 reports.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I must have backspaced before, deleting this post by highlighting on my mouse pad. Typing this the second time was a bit more choppy haha.


This is invaluable information thank you! I would have never of known how to do this as eBay customer service is akin to talking to a pre- recorded robot. Lucky enough in my above case I was able to reason with the seller directly and they took the images down of their own volition but in the future I will be definitely using this!

If you have other questions about ebay feel free to ask. I have about 30 different links bookmarked. Ebay has so many difficult paths to get things done.

Just for example to get around that robot:
Click in order:
Help & Contact, Contact Us, Account, Account Access, Keeping your account safe, Call Us

You will have to enter a pin and say yes once, but you will go straight to a rep with a max 2 minute hold if any. The rep will transfer you to the correct department with another 2 min max hold.

NEVER try to Call them by clicking through on feedback. You may get lucky with a short hold, but usually this will lead to very long holds or even incorrect departments.


And their search brings back strange results sometimes.